Good girl

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wanting more

This is a fantasy of mine, partly based on already lived experience.

He tells me to come into the bathroom, he wants me to see something. I follow him in and he closes the door behind me. He moves close to me, so close that my back is flat against the door. “I just wanted to do this…” he says and putting his hands against the door either side of my shoulders, he gently kisses my neck. Oh god, I love that. I can feel my clit start to throb heavily. “Do you like that?” he asks. I’m spellbound. “Ah haa” I drawl. He leans in. My head is against the door. He softly, ever so slowly kisses me. God this is sexy. His hand slips under my skirt. I can feel it slowly glide over my panties. I can feel it rest against my pussy, cupping me in his hand. He kisses me some more. His hand cups me more firmly. His kiss moves to my neck again. He sucks my skin. “Ohhh” I can’t help the moan that escapes me. His fingers slide to the top of my underwear and down inside. I moan again. His fingers slide onto my clitoris, down then up, then part and slip either side, gripping my throbbing clit and press into me. This time I gasp. His fingers slide down and two of them enter me. My arms clutch tightly around him. “Good girl” he purrs. He moves the heel of his palm against my clit and slowly moves his hand against me, in me. I inhale deeply. “Do you like it when I touch your pussy like this, darling?” “Yes”, I meow. I like it, god do I like it.

We are now on the bed. He gently pushes one of my arms down onto the bed. “Now touch yourself. Touch your pussy’”. The feeling of him restraining me, controlling me, turns me on so much. My body is buzzing. He looks at me with lust. His eyes stare at my pussy as I softly stroke it. “Touch your clit, baby.” The look of desire in his eyes makes me feel so sexual. Still holding me down with one hand, he starts to stroke his cock with his other. I increase the pressure on my clit and masturbate. “Spread your legs open baby” he instructs. I raise my knees and spread them. He lets out a low moan. “Good girl” he purrs. Soon he leans toward my breasts and starts to suckle a nipple. Not a short suck, but a slow, deep suckle. Like an infant suckling milk from its mother. So gorgeously sexy I can feel it in my clitoris. So incredibly sexual I can feel it in my toes. I moan and feel a deep throbbing and longing in my pussy. He takes his hand from my arm and shifts his body to lay between my legs, his face at my pussy and firmly, but oh so slowly, licks. Oh god. I want him to fuck me. I want him to fuck me so slowly. I want to feel his cock slowly entering me. I want to feel him filling me up with his thick, hard cock.