Sweet but Psycho

Four of the hottest and most popular performers on the scene create a hilarious and erotic film.



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Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Amarna Miller, Mickey Mod, Vex Ashley, Owen Gray

Rural house in the forest, 2 hours away from civilization, we serve the best organic food, we are also a digital detox resort (no wifi, no 3g, almost no network). We are a caring and loving couple, you will never regret spending a healthy and happy weekend at our place. 7 rooms, organic cotton sheets, swimming pool, bbq. You name it, we provide.

(What they don’t tell you is that you go there, and this couple walk around half naked in the house, and they are constantly grabbing each other, hitting on my man, trying to swing. It was psycho, but sweet... but psycho.)


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

What an incredible shoot! Filming with these four real life friends was such a dream, and bringing this hilarious confession alive in a beautiful mansion in the mountains of Spain was the icing on the cake! The atmosphere between them is so full of laughter and pleasure - it's not surprising they are all so popular!

Your Comments

  • Oldwiz71

    Absolutely lovely. Well acted, especially by the red-haired woman. Lovely smile.

  • socks45

    Better than Independence Day, but not as good as I am Legend.

  • orionemo

    Can we get that Trip Advisor link? This place is for real?

    • Erika Lust

      The confessions are anonymous, so unless the user TripAdvisor wants to tell you I have no information! Just what they wrote in their confession :) I'm sure it is true though, it's not the first instance I've heard! Airbnb is notorious for hookups!

  • SensualCouple


  • sweetdragon

    If this is "psycho," then please have me committed.

  • StarCrystal

    This one was so cute. Maybe not the best word for it but cute is my favourite adjective.

  • meatnordrink

    I think cute is a lovely word for it. Wonderful and fun, as always. I also really love the german shepherd in the photos.

    • Erika Lust

      He was such a pain! But in the sweetest way :)

  • blindmoon

    What an absolute masterpiece. I'm floored by how exciting and original the fantasy is, and how well the film was directed. Hats off to you, great work and keep 'em coming.

  • penelopeparasol

    The acting was great and the set-up was very sweet but I'm just so disappointed at how absolutely STANDARD the orgasm/denouement is. The males jackoff in the females' faces and the females somehow find that interesting, meanwhile we're left to forget or discount ONCE AGAIN real female pleasure and orgasm. If you can't represent that, Erika, I'm at a loss for who can. How depressing for us women.....

    • Erika Lust

      I think it's unfair to say that the women's pleasure here is discounted or not real. That's not how I experienced it on the shoot and that's not what I see here! What I love most about Amarna is that you can always tell when she is experiencing real pleasure - like in my other films with her too, such as Latex Sessions. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this one though :( also I'd like to point out that although certain elements of the film you may find standard or unappealing, this is how the performers wanted to perform with each other. I think you see a difference here because these four all know each other and have worked with each other many times - so they know how to make each other feel good instantly! Whereas with some of my other films, a lot of the excitement for some people is watching two people learning how to pleasure each other while on camera. I hope you found another film that you enjoyed!



  • kingzor10

    Love it. both vex and amarana are some of my favorite actors.

  • Lissane

    Oh Erika, you and your team are just genius! Classy, quirky, funny, and human-friendly porn - I am super impressed. Thank you so much for all your work, you're a real inspiration.

    • Erika Lust

      You're so welcome! :)

  • ccienfu

    Hi Erika, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I tried to shazam the jazz on the background but I couldn´t. Could you tell me which song it is??

    Thank you so much!

  • petuniaDC

    Very well done!!! I actually now have the fantasy in my back pocket.

  • Anynomous

    […] I was in Berlin, XConfessions went Polyamorous! One of my favourite films Sweet But Psycho was screened at the fab venue Guarrantinas for an evening of discussion, performance and film […]

  • pozzo

    Beautiful cum shot in this movie ....

  • queercats77
    Your work is amazing. We have already turned 3 couples we know onto your films. We love them. This film helped us realize that another couple / 4 way is the way we want to explore outside of our marriage. Your films are helping us figure out what we are comfortable with and not comfortable with through fantasies. Sooooooooo gooooooood!!! Thank you!
  • queercats77
    Also! You need a roku app!
  • HughOatcake
    Can anyone identify the name of the jazz tune that plays as they get in the pool? It's absolutely gorgeous.
  • BHG
    My husband and I enjoyed it very much! great work. I feel identified by the awkwardness of the couple at the beginning. That would be definitely us in that situation until we get comfortable. We would definitly need a comprehensible couple to baby step us out of the awakard feeling.