From the XConfessions series: Making the most of your house guests has never been so sexy...

"I checked out his couchsurfing profile. He looked cute and smart, and he liked cats - very important when you have one as bad tempered as mine. So I accepted his couch request.

When he entered my loft, I saw a tall young man with a backpack, and warm chocolate eyes behind thin round glasses, which gave him that sexy intellectual look I love...

We drank fresh white wine at twilight, had dinner and went for a night walk in downtown’s old narrow streets, talking about traveling and his passion for japanese design.

When we returned home, I made his bed on the couch, secretly wishing he wouldn't have to use it... And then I had an idea: I went to my bookshelf and took out a book on ancient japanese porn prints.

I showed it to him as we sat on my bed, watching those exotic drawings of couples having sex, under large robes with beautiful patterns. The men had huge cocks and the women curled their feet and threw their heads back, eyes closed in pleasure. We played a game where each one of us had to choose a favorite picture, and we always chose the same ones.

We were sitting very close now, and while I kept flipping through the pages and talking about how impressive those images were, he gently started caressing my hand… and then he shut me up with is mouth and lay me in bed, with him on top.

We quietly undressed each other… I couldn’t believe how pale and beautifully defined his body was... We kissed and bit and licked, savoring each other’s bodies for a long time… and then he held me, he looked me in the eyes, and we bedsurfed all night, with my cat watching us from the couch..."

— By lara loft
Erika's comment

Lara Loft: the hostess with the mostess! I found the perfect couple - Max from Portugal and Misha from Hungary - to reenact your xconfession here in Barcelona. I love this confession because couchsurfing is so popular here in my city, which is like a Mecca for young, hip, travelers looking for a good time. And I wasn't the only one to love it ... since 3 of my team here at Lust Films are couchsurfers, too! ;)


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  • L

    Loved it, Lara! Very interesting hiw you used "bedsurfed" in the end, great choice of words!

  • L
    lara loft

    Thanks ;)And congratulations, keep up the good work!

  • L

    Everyone's dream when they have a couchsurfer!

  • A

    Ah...the sexy couchsurfer, been there! Even as he caressed my neck with his nose while we waited for the train, I told myself "Ignore it, he's foreign, maybe this is just how they are". I ignored it all the way home until he crawled into my bunk and kissed me :)

  • L

    Totally makes me wanna host the couch surfers again! You made me fall in love with your words, gal (?)!

  • W

    This is incredible!!!

    • W
      Erika Lust

      Thank you Watcha!! :)

  • K
    The cherry on top was Misha's wardrobe, which was super thoughtful <3. Other productions elsewhere are super careless with how to dress performers.
  • C
    This scenario is hot, it's beautifully shot and it's obviously carefully enacted. I was only a little sad that she put out condoms but they didn't use them. Condoms can be super sexy and this is exactly a situation where I would definitely use one, so I found it more than just a tiny continuity error not to use them in the shoot.
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