Ibiza Splash Crush

From the XConfessions series, one the most forbidden and oldest mythical taboos: a merman. Seduced by a gorgeous lifeguard in the blistering Ibiza sun.




Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Carolina Abril, Gabe Tonic

My first erotic myth was Daryl Hannah in the movie Splash. I was just a kid, but her image taking a bath, her breasts covered with blonde hair, her legs becoming a fishtail, intrigued me in a very sexual way. I had a wet dream with her the other night, freakiest thing ever. When I reviewed the film the morning after, I couldn’t find it sillier. But I guess you don’t get to choose how smart your fantasies actually are. I love you, Daryl!


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

The erotic myth of a generation! But what if we dressed up a man in a fish-tail? How sexy would that be? What if he swam with a gorgeous lifeguard played by Carolina Abril? What if this crazy story happened on one of the most special islands in the world: Ibiza! A very hot and quirky summer film!

Your Comments

  • bloom

    Wow the actors are super attractive and I looove their connection! Very hot!

  • Watcha

    God dammit this is so hot!!!

  • Calista33

    Loved it! Gabe is so hot!

  • Samsonite.Mary

    All of a sudden I really want to get myself to Ibiza.