Parker Marx and Amarna Miller feature in this steamy homage to latex and the psychology of fetishism

"I know that a therapist isn't supposed to get involved with a patient. I know that. But I swear that if you could see this woman that has been coming to my practice you would understand. She drives me insane, I noticed that on her first time here - what I still don't know is what's more embarrassing: the fact that I’m obsessed with her, or that I have not listened to a word of what she said in her 8 sessions.

Her face, her legs, her skin, her outfits... My cock hurts, I don’t know what to do with myself. If I could only shut down my brain for a while!"

— By freudconfess
Erika's comment

We love latex! It was so much fun working with these performers - they had such great chemistry and the clothes were exquisite! Seducing a patient is highly frowned upon, which makes this therapist's desires even sexier... Steamy stuff!


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  • H

    We are so excited about this, latex in unconventional contexts is our biggest fetish!

  • K

    Beautifully done! Love the part when he envisions the client as his naked therapist. So imaginative!

  • M

    omg 😻😻😻

  • A

    mmm yum

  • N

    Nice visualisation of this confession. You get really close to the fashionistas movie (another classic of visually stunning and artful but playful porn) with this piece.

    I am still trying to figure out whether these hillarious glasses that your (male?) academic characters wear (thy psychatrist here, the doctor in another movie and the gender studies researcher) are either a new trends that I have totally missed, the subtle "over the top" irony you season so many of your movies with or the actual glasses of the performers. I have never seen such glasses in real live ;-) .... I might have to watch more of your thought provoking movies to really find out ....

  • K

    If I were her therapist, I would definitely break the rules. She is one beautiful and totally horny woman. And with such a cute ass! Certainly worth getting "struck off" for...

  • S

    Exquisite cinematography with a wonderfully subversive visual narrative executed perfectly by the gorgeous Marx and Miller.

  • T

    This is the hottest video I have ever seen! I was already a big fan of Amarna Miller and now I've been introduced to another amazing performer. Of course, their acting is so flawless and believable. I love the therapist's (Marx) facial expressions and acting in the beginning, which is kind of hilarious, as well as his very expressive face and sounds throughout are so sexy. Also, his character type, kind of nerdy and on the submissive side, and dynamics are very unique, feel really genuine and are much appreciated. The concept is really spot on, and the costumes (MadRubb) are fatally attractive! I also like the sleek set and furniture chosen. 💕💕😍

  • E

    That was beautiful. Very hot.

  • B
    Wow! That was HOT!
  • X
    Parker Marx can be my therapist anytime ;) Loved this!
  • Q
    I loved Amarnas different outfits and the way she dominated Parker. Especially hilarious was the switching of roles between therapist and patient in his imagination while she sucked his dick and sat naked next to him and made notes about him observing every bit of him.
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