Hats Off to the Chef

by Honeybear

Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Yoha & Leo Gálvez
Production year: 2013
Comments by Erika Lust

You filthy animals! Now every time I go into a restaurant, I'm going to wonder if the chef and his girlfriend have done the nasty where I'm drinking my cocktail! Are you SURE there are no security cameras? ;) Honeybear - Enjoy this clip with performers Leo and Yoha, a real life adult performer couple who rarely work together, but luckily made an exception for this very hot scene.

I work as chef at a restaurant, and my girlfriend is the bartender. Sometimes we close up at the end of the night, but we don't go home. We have a drink to two, which leads to kissing, petting... and finally we find ourselves fucking on the bar or in the booth. Thank god there are no security cameras!

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  1. Johannes says:

    Cant load .. ERROR

  2. Erika Lust says:

    Hi Johannes,
    thanks for letting us know about the video - the webmaster is looking at the problem now!

    • Johannes says:

      Hey Erika,

      Stil not possible.

      But really thank you for your Cinelike Work!

  3. Erika Lust says:

    Would you mind sending an email to webmaster@lustfilms.com and explain the problem and what device you are using? That would help us a lot to fix your problem since the video seems to work for us!

  4. Anynomous says:

    Hi! I have watched this video quite a few times by now, love the music, can you please tell me the name of the song please. Thanks

  5. Blahemian says:

    What is the song playing? I love it!

  6. Erika Lust says:

    Hello Blahemian! The song is Tulsa, Matxixaco :)

  7. Dollarbill says:

    This is a beautiful film :)

  8. WallE16 says:

    This was such a beautiful and intimate film - easily a favorite!

  9. sweaterbandit says:

    So lovely and loving! And hot hot hot <3

  10. spiritedaway says:


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