Coming of Age

by notsosweet16

Director: Erika Lust
Production year: 2017
Film duration: 00:15:15
Comments by Erika Lust

I was really touched by this confession! Young people are so mis-represented in mainstream porn and I felt a responsibility to portray what is true and tender about sexual exploration for young people. Working with these new performers was a breath of fresh air. They're both super professional and full of charisma and passion! Thank you notsosweet16!

I am 16 years old, I know... I'm not even allowed to be in this site. But I love the films and the philosophy of this project that my sister gave me access to your site. I've read in an interview that people are constantly asking Erika Lust to be represented in the films she makes. And of course, I have my own claim... I'm tired and disgusted to see that my sexuality (teenagers sexuality) is so wrong in porn: "extra small teens get destroyed", "petite teens fucked in the ass", "fresh teen pussy2", "innocent teens sex", "black teen punishment 3", just look at these covers (
Do we really have to be a fetish, always exploited, always having sex with older guys? It's creepy.

The reality of our sex lives is way more tender, intimate, caring, loving and sweet. And most of the time we fuck people our own age, you know?

Please Erika, can you make a film about this mis-representation?

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  1. 123Moondog says:


  2. dieyoungstaypretty says:

    Well said!

  3. says:

    fe de erratas:
    Debe leerse: "....solicitud..."

  4. lionheart says:

    Well put!

  5. Mermur says:

    Lovely antidote against common teenage porn!!! (Too bad the foreplay was so short and they had to go through all the standard positions.)

  6. marielavau says:

    Erika I just saw the trailer, it's heart breaking!! but I just so look forward to see the full film

  7. solheim says:

    You've got a really cool sister. If I've had an access to such an account when I was 16 it's have spared me a lot of badly filmed porn...Thanks für sharing!

  8. says:

    Hermosisimo film, tierno, dulce, de un erotismo iniciático que desborda la pantalla. La jovencita es muy parecida a Mia Farrow en sus tiempos del El Bebe de Rosemary. Me encanto, lo mejor en mucho tiempo, felicitaciones a todo el equipo..

  9. Ganimede says:

    Un film che promette tante emozioni, e tanti ricordi adolescenziali

  10. SequentialLust says:

    I'm so glad this story was chosen. It's great to see more representation of younger people in this way. I hope to see a similar representation of older people as well.

    • tortoisetears says:

      Seconded! 👍🏼

  11. Anynomous says:

    […] NEW RELEASE | XConfessions Coming of Age […]

  12. Gitan1988 says:

    Un cœur <3 pour la tendresse qui n'est pas habituelle dans le porno ! Bien interprété, sans sur jouer, j'ai beaucoup aimé !

    • Faun.ess says:

      Je plussoie ! <3

  13. officesubmarine says:

    This was some of the most realistic sex I've ever seen in porn. It reminded me of sex when I was younger but also adult sex with someone I love. The irony is adult women in so much porn have no pubes and no labia and make me feel creepy!
    That said, all the switching positions, the limited foreplay, and how long he lasted (lol) did make it hard to totally suspend my disbelief. Would have been nice to ditch the standard porn formula entirely.

  14. nnni says:

    This took me back in time, thank you. I understand that a two-hour foreplay isn’t easy to fit in a 15 minute video.

  15. Kybele77 says:

    It was a good idea/premise for an Erika Lust film but the time spent together sexually was too short, the constant switching positions seemed unnecessary and unfortunately too similar to typical porn - which I joined XConfessions to get away from, desiring a more female-friendly if not feminist take on sexual films - and there was a distinct lack of chemistry between the two stars which was disappointing. Other films I've viewed from XConfessions have been much more interesting and 'hot' to watch so this particular film was a disappointment by comparison.

  16. embarassedcrow says:

    This was really healing for me! Thank you. I would love to see more innocent porn like this. Not necessarily portraying people of a younger age--but sweet and innocent.

    I'm a lesbian--so maybe even something innocent like this between to female characters?

    Thank you!

    • Faun.ess says:

      I agree ! Il like when porn is more gentle and soft. I also like when sex is suggested more than obviously showed. (Sorry for my english, I'm French ^^)

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