A fourty-something executive seduces the young man she occasionally meets in a city hotel.

"No one knows that I lead a double life.

On the one hand: a husband, a nice 
house in the suburbs with a shiny car 
parked out front, an executive job, and 
two small kids.

On the other: a fun,
 bohemian, passionate and carefree existence with an art student in a shabby city apartment.

How could I give up either life, when it takes both to fulfill me?"

— By XOdiana
Erika's comment

I bet many of you could relate to this situation! Okay, maybe most of you don't have a young lover at your beck and call. But I bet a lot of people struggle with the idea that only one person and one relationship is supposed to fulfill them! I liked this confession especially because it took the kind of “Don Draper” double life and gender swapped it, something more and more possible these days. We turned your confession into a short featuring Michelle Blanch and Bel Gris - who make the perfect couple of illicit lovers.


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  • L

    Glad to see more of this scene. One of my favs of all time. Hope to see more in the cuming* months Jaja.

  • L

    OMG!! I love this scene.

  • M

    I totally agree with Erika: monogamy is overrated and you story sounds of passion.

  • P

    What is the name of the female model?

  • S

    once again - erika you are a goddess. thank you for bringing something interesting to the brain-dead world of porn.

  • A

    beautifull lady

  • H

    monogamy is overrated and you story sounds of passion.

  • H

    Hot super hot

  • K

    Hi Erika,
    Thank you for this wonderful film. I had s similar experience with an older woman. I was a young 20 year old gawky guy and she a sophisticated woman of 34. She transformed me in to a good lover, a lover who knows the ebb and flow of a woman's passion. Her reward: Multiple orgasms for the first time in her life. My reward: A man who can hold on to passion, till my lover says stop. We had this roaring affair for 5 years. We live far apart in different cities now and meets only may be once a year. The passion that ignites then is volcanic

  • A

    Mmmmm, male lead. He's got that something.

  • S

    Monogamy is definitely for me though I understand why people cheat. Humans are complicated and difficult to please. We desire adventure and risk while at the same time we want security and predictability. We are forever searching for a better situation, yet we are unwilling to give up the one we have.

    In an evolutionary sense it is advantageous to spread our seed, but it is disadvantageous for our offspring to be abandoned when we seek out new mates.

    Perhaps erotica is an effective way to navigate between these conflicting desires.

    • S
      Erika Lust

      such interesting ideas socks45! I agree, I think adult cinema should be a place to discuss these ideas and the dichotomies within us as human beings.

  • R

    The ultimate masterpiece, advancing beyond art. Captures and magnifies reality. Explains reason for underlying confession. Every single image true, authentic, insanely beautiful. Like real life. Can't do any better.

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