What if, underneath how much you try not to like someone, you can't ignore having a rare connection?

"Successful male artists are always so arrogant. But this one in particular - he's not like the others. I mean, he's arrogant, sure. And he paints naked women for a living which I mean, please, cliché much? But his objectification of women is somehow complicated by the beauty, the skill, with which he captures them. I've become obsessed by the idea of being painted by him. There's something about being objectified by him... I want to join the collection of naked women he has accumulated. But there's something else too. His dark eyes, his skillful fingers... I don't just want him to paint me. I want him to devour me. I think, underneath how much I'm judging him, maybe I actually like him."

— By RachelLove
Erika's comment

Have you ever met someone who stands for everything you hate in this world and yet you can't stay away? Daniella Vale has taken a beautifully honest confession and turned it into a reality by shooting it in atmospheric New York. Performers Tourma Selene and Jay Smooth authentically bring across the magic in accepting vulnerability and feelings that we can not always explain.


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    I love and follow this channel from the beginning, I also wrote some own storys here and I thought this is a progressive platform to show progressive new ideas for an open minded world. So why it is necessary to show that it is normal to wear a fur coat these days, when we all know how they are "produced"? With all the avoidable animal suffering and killing? That's not progressive, that's just stupid and konservative and heinous these days!
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      Totally understand, appreciate and agree with your views on fur coats. But let’s not let the scenery ruin your view of a really beautiful production :) it very well could have been fake or a second hand coat. Apart from this, what did you think of the film?
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    wow, one of my favourites so far!!! The story, the settings, the acting, the sex... the chemistry of the actors!! Well done!
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    sermon sermon
    Tourma is delightful.Hope she'll do more with XConfessions.
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    Wow. Everything about this! Sexy sweet. I love how dominant and American she is. Her accent, so perfect! And how in the end even with all the attitude they actually make very sweet sensual love. My only complaint is I wish it were longer! Oh and he’s gorgeous and very sexy and passionate. Great chemistry!
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    Wow! Definitely one of my favorite. The emotion they are sharing, the way they look at each other, the painting... everything's just so perfect!
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    oh wow, that was really a good one! I am so impressed...such good chemistry between those two and just themselves, two really authentic characters... love it, love the atmosphere and setting
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    The fire here ... ugh! So! Sexy!
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    Jay ... That man is ... God, I just can’t remember my name anymore. I’m genuinely impressed and charmed by the look in his eyes. What a fantasy.

    With great love, from France
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