An ode to all those men who shared my bed: from those who would stay in till morning to those still yet to come one night.

To all those men who once were there and all those who I've yet to meet: the boyfriends, the affairs, the one-night stands, the ones who acted distant, the ones who were too sweet, the ones who liked to hold my hands, and the ones who liked to suck my feet.

You may have lasted for over a year or only until the sun appeared, but your beauty stays in my mind. I remember that puddle of chest sweat blending with mine. I still like to dream about the folds of your skin, arms, and elbows, and that dimple in your chin, or when I used to scratch my nails down your back or reached for that juicy butt, taking a bite of that perfect crack.

To all those that would stay in bed till morning and all those who are still to come one night, this is for you.

Cast & Crew

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Oja KayNicole Kitt

Erika Lust Erika Lust