Dirty Feet

There's no greater wonder than those perfect, filthy feet



By JimmyWorshipsFeet

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Lucy & Miro, Lucy Huxley, Miro

Soles of your feet

Filthy with dirt

Let me touch them

Lick them

Worship them

I want to clean them with my tongue

Suck on them until you cum

Tiny digits

All dirty and black

And painted nails

And tiny hairs

Wipe the dirt across my face

Then move your feet towards my bulge

and take it out between your toes

and make me moan and gasp and shudder

in this world there is no greater wonder

than those perfect, filthy feet.


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

Welcome Lucy and Miro! I've been dying to make a feet film for a long time. When I found these two, with their history of BDSM exploration and penchant for fetishes I knew it would be the perfect balance between romance, tenderness and some hot foot action! Enjoy Lusties.

Your Comments

  • Humanoid-bonobo
    You know how to get me CRAZY!
  • Salvelinus
    Bravo, Erika, Lucy, and Miro. What a fun departure from the .... well, I can't say usual .... because nothing you do is usual. But, fun nonetheless and loved your choice of setting, sound, and the echoes! I want to jump in, too.
  • Hate feets, loved this. Perfect photography.
  • safadinha_rio
    Incredible! My favorite!
  • Alex23
    Amazing ! Easily one of the best erotic short films ever.
  • Keesje
    SO beautiful!
  • letsgetburned
    I just love feet. The mud is an amazing element to use and add to that. It feels like they are creating something together and I loved how Miro climaxed. The music was very thrilling too in this one. Thank you, Erika
  • culot
    mega schön :))
  • Diva Sensuelle
    Oh my GOD! This was fucking amazing. Erotic, beautifully shot, a work of art. I am blown away. Just Wow, Erica. WOW.
  • Ysabelle
    I've been putting off watching this because I thought it would gross me out, but my God... This took my breath away! It aroused me in all senses... I agree this is such a work of art!
  • pianaman
    More dance please

    I am so in Love with Lucy