A Feminist Man

Is there anything sexier than a man who can give perfect cunnilingus and have a conversation about Judith Butler? An XConfessions film.



By Hexia

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Maria Riot, Marc Morato

Is there anything sexier than a feminist man who can lick your pussy real good and who can also sustain a conversation about Judith Butler? Intellect is a total turn on, especially when it's embodied in a tall, handsome man in glasses with a PhD in gender studies.

It's the end of my Bachelors' and I've just submitted the most glorious essay I've ever written. I got an A+. But I still manage to find an excuse to go see my professor during office hours. I'd love to hear his comments about my work, but most of all, I'd love him to congratulate me with gestures in his sunny office, on top of the desk, with the door shut...


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

Thanks to your confession, we've been able to give a nice twist to the typical student/professor scene. We've done a period film! The story takes place during May 68, and Maria Riot and Marc Morato are just irresistible in their vintage costumes of sexual revolutionaries. This is Maria Riot's first film for XConfessions.

Your Comments

  • karlitos83

    Da gusto ver a un tío como Marc Morato en estas pelis, atractivo y con pelo en el cuerpo! No un plastic-boy que se ve en 95 de las pelis porno. Marc es como el vecino guapo a quien te quieres tirar. Espero verlo en más! ;)

  • Freya

    I love the authenticity of your choice of actors in this film! They feel nothing like "porn", just beautiful amazing "reel" people having sex.

  • Kinkyhannah

    I love this! So beautifully styled and shot, the actors are gorgeous, and their passion and chemistry is incredibly hot, as is the respect and tenderness between them. Thank you Erika for making sex positive, feminist porn!

  • iknowwhtsinurmind


  • Kaci

    Loved this film. Thank you for your gorgeous work!

  • a_ba5

    I just love this film.

  • GeraldineJones151


  • Robertnagiel

    The sweat he worked up & wrapped her in was visually powerful!

  • BinaryStarBurst

    This is the first film I've seen of yours. Holy. Bajeezus. THANK YOU for doing what you do. It is so much nicer getting off to art xoxo

    • Erika Lust

      OMG you are SO welcome!!!!! You bring me a lot of joy to say that. This is one of my favourites too - such gorgeous sweaty tanned skin, Maria Riot is such a powerful, beautiful woman. I'll always love it!

  • thewitch

    Que hombre más bello! es, tal vez el más guapo que he visto en tus películas. Excelente trabajo de color y ambientación.

  • Diva Sensuelle
    Excellent! Loved how the quality of the lighting contributed to the 'retro' ambiance, too :-)!
  • Tangleburrito
    Dear Erika,

    I discovered your work by reading an article in the French newspaper « Le Monde ». I simply wanted to thank you and all the persons you are working with. During many years I struggled with this “bad” habit of mine of watching porn, mostly on free websites. I felt bad when I watched mainstream porn movies, because there is almost no respect, there’s no will to show the beauty of sexuality, it is just an industry. Your movies are at the opposite of this. There is a message in it. There’s an artistic view. There’s humour, respect, softness, tenderness, joy and pleasure. Thank to your work I don’t see porn as a “bad” habit anymore, I even have the feeling it is doing me good! So hey, not bad!

    So, carry on, and again: thank you.

    PS: This movie is particularly beautiful.
  • Jnavarro3
    Loved the way they cleared the table.