Do You Find My Feet Suckable

From the XConfessions series: An ode to the foot fetish as two students abandon their studies to indulge in an erotic game.



By Joseph K.

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Amarna Miller, Maximilian Gamberro

There she was, alone at the center of the classroom. I got to university much earlier than usual that day, but hadn’t expected that she would be there: the girl I was crazy about, waiting alone for the class to start. In the two weeks since my course had begun, I'd never said a word to her, because I was too insecure and she was too damn beautiful.

For a second I thought I'd go back and wait in the hall, but I forced myself to enter the classroom and say something to her. As I was getting closer, I noticed she was barefoot. How could he have known that I was crazy about women's feet? They were up on the desk, her flip-flops on the floor.

Very timidly I sat next to her and said hello. She surprised me by being very nice, and even asked if I liked her nail polish, and then her feet. She asked if I would give her a foot massage, and I trembled. It's like she saw right through me when she asked whether I liked to suck feet, and if I found her feet to be “suckable”. They were, and I assured her by sucking each of her toes.

With her feet up on the desk still, I realized that she wasn't wearing panties under her skirt, and the moment I lay my eyes on her pussy, she asked me if I wanted it. There were only a few minutes before class would start, but I knew lots of people would arrive early. The thought of sex in school made adrenaline run through my veins.

I suggested that we go to the bathroom, to finish what we'd started in a more private place. She said she didn’t like bathrooms, but that we could go to the library after the class. The longest class of my life.

The bell rang, and so we headed to the library. In a very reclusive spot, but public enough to run the risk of being caught, she lifted her skirt and demanded me to lick her pussy before anything else. But after a time, I couldn't resist and went down to her feet. Then she took off her blouse and demanded that I suck her tits, then again go back to her feet.

We ended up having sex in that library, but containing the noise of our groans so nobody caught us there somehow. Afterwards, she just adjusted her clothes walked out of there, while I sat there on the ground processing everything that had just happened.

Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

Congrats Joseph K. - I love your confession and am going to use your story for one of my first fetish XCONFESSION movies! We shot in March 2014 here in Barcelona ... and even found a studio-library for the film. The irresistible Amarna Miller plays your naughty school girl, and I had special fun picking out her cool, revealing, 80s style "jelly shoes" at American Apparel!

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  • Freya


  • Joseph K.

    I am so glad my story was picked! It's just a glimpse of my sexual fantasy imagination, but it is such a powerfull fetish of mine. And I loved the adaptions and the actors! Both are very beautiful and hot. You did an amazing job, Erika! Unfortunately, I can't upgrade my membership because of my credit card; I live in Brazil and my credit card is not accepted by the site. Hope to see the full film one day. But by the trailer I could see that it was such a nice job! Very happy!

  • LillyM

    cool Erika this video is so different so fresh!! Can't wait to see what's next <3

  • shyju

    you can make kamasuthra tale. i will help you

  • Fruitika

    This guy is so hot!

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  • PetitePeche

    Wow, Maximilian is one of the hottest actors I have watched. PLEASE feature him in more of your films!!! Love the intense facial reactions and humor of this piece.

  • Sondervotum

    He really is one of the hottest and most passionate guys here!!! More!

  • Humanoid-bonobo

    This may be the most gorgeous beginning of a sex act at school.
    A while ago, I was exactly in this situation! She was so beautiful and attractive!
    Ahh damn this post agricultural world!

  • Chung🖕🏻
    They really enjoy 😏
  • Salvelinus
    Memories of my Spanish class. But she wore shoes more suited to dancing. Heel, with thin strap around her ankle. So many years ago yet so clear in my mind. The sexiest female I ever met. Still.
  • mlust
    Loved it, but what is the name of the music?