My Moaning Neighbor

by jamiejj

Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Mickey Mod, Vex Ashley
Production year: 2016
Comments by Erika Lust

If you live in an apartment, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. What you might not know is how you'd feel if your loud neighbor would knock on your door to make fun of you... the problem is, your neighbor is HOT! - I loved shooting with Vex and Mickey, they have so much chemistry! With them, the dialogues got even more fun. I hope you like it!

Dear tenant of the 2nd floor,
The screams and moaning of your guests bounce off all over the inner courtyard day in, day out. I'm not complaining about your promiscuity, but about the timing. Would you be so kind to organize your sex schedule in order to fuck earlier? Some people have to work, you know. Next time I'm gonna call the police - unless you invite me to join the party.
Your next door neighbor.
PS. You owe me 20$. That's what it cost me to buy a new frame for a picture that fell from the wall while you were banging against it.

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  1. lorentzenr says:

    I loved the ending! The humor that you add to these films is what makes them great. Getting off and having a laugh at the time is the best.

  2. Bounje says:

    So hot! And fun!

  3. csa says:

    This makes porn literally fun!

  4. Womanpower says:

    Amazing! I love this film! In the start you almoast forget you are watching porn but you are quickly reminded! Great job as always Erika!

  5. hodor47 says:


  6. gliatonoche says:

    Loved it

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