The laundromat liaisons trope is getting its long-needed remake.

"I’ve been studying a lot lately for my final exams and I haven't had much time to actually live, go out, party and have real sex with real people. I study Psychology at Maryland University and my next exam is about something called social conformity.

I guess that me being so horny, mixed with the subject I’m studying made me have this amazing hot dream last night happening in my local laundry shop. Everyone there was naked and suddenly I felt the need to undress, too (WTF!). Then this sexy woman started masturbating in front of me, provoking me and suddenly she was all over me.

It was great but oh my god how much I need to get laid!"

— By NudePsyStudent
Erika's comment

Dirty Laundry was one of the longest shoots we ever did I think, mostly because the construction of the set took forever!! I am a perfectionist, so every neon light, every piece of clothing, every little accessory had to be rearranged thousands of times until we had the ideal setup. The long preparation process was more than worth it though - what a wonderful movie this turned out to be thanks to great performances by Viktoria and Romeo as well as guest starts Kali and Naya and my crews patience as well as our all refusal to accept any standard short of perfection. I hope you enjoy my neon-soaked remake of the laundromat liaisons trope.

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    I loved it! <3
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    L'énergie que dégage Viktoria est tout bonnement exceptionnelle ! Quelle beauté...
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    Love it, one of my favourites so far!
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    Best yet!
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    chloe louisem
    This is my favourite film so far. Loved it
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    Florecita Cochina
    Wow! Loved the colors... and so sexy!
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    This is my favorite! So pretty and sexy! <3
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    I enjoyed the playfulness and how it seemed like the performers were having fun!
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    this was incredible! fantastic job, erika!
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    I watched so many of your films and this... a real feministic work, ending with the women enjoying her deepest moment and the two beautiful actors embracing their bodies while dancing. An ode to love your body, to love to be a confident women and to love both: to give and to receive pleasure. Thank you for that!
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