What would happen if your first time having sex on screen was with a man you were totally obsessed with?

"I am so in love with Owen Gray. I read his blog, I watch all his films with Nympho Ninjas and then I saw that he was working with you Erika, and I just nearly died.

My friends think it’s pretty weird to be obsessed with a porn performer, but I can’t help it. He has these incredible huge dark brooding eyes, and he looks so unusual, like no-one I’ve ever seen before. And he’s so smart, Erika, I just want to be able to meet him and offer myself up for him to dominate and fuck until I pass out.

He has scarification all up his chest and I want to add to it, I want him to cut me, I want to carve his name into my skin. There’s something about putting a blade to skin that makes me shiver and to have something permanent, created by him…

I especially love it when he has long hair and his plug earring in. I am so jealous of all the girls who get to fuck him, because they look like they’re so into it, they keep smiling at each other and he’s so cute and sexy all at once.

I have this fantasy that we bump into each other at a Fetish club, and when he sees me we lock eyes and it’s like BAM! instant chemistry. And he's got a kind of butcher's apron on and it's all leather and I'm in a latex costume, or a rubber one. And without saying a word he comes over and takes my hand, and takes me into a room where there’s a bench, and all these people are watching as he bends me over it and licks me out and then fucks me, and everyone is jealous because he’s so hot and has such a massive cock and I’m so normal, they don’t even get why he’s fucking me. And then he invites me back to his place and asks if he can film us, like in his porn films, but I want to stay anonymous so I wear a balaclava and he films it and puts it online for the whole world to see. So whenever I see that film no-one knows, but I know, I remember.

Please use Owen in more of your films Erika!"

— By slave_4_gray
Erika's comment

Watching these two meet for the first time on camera... it's electric. This is Cintia's first time performing, and she asked to work with Owen. We were inspired by this confession from slave_4_gray - it seems like everyone has a little bit of a crush on him! ;)


Your Comments
  • A

    Ditto on this title, 100%

  • O

    gorgeous sex, lots of fun watching...but the colors are a bit to unenthusiastic, looks like straight out the camera/log, prefer the colors in the photos more :)

  • M

    Lovely how genuine it feels.

  • O

    Pues nada, obsesionado con Cintia Shapiro. Bello vídeo. Celosisimo de la química.

    • O
      cintia shapiro


  • C
    Catherine & Murray

    Is there a way to turn on subtitles after downloading?

  • M

    Felt real and lovely! Amazing production and idea

  • S

    I can't get enough of Owens Tattoos, I think that has me hooked, haha!

  • B

    This is beyond porn. I start to become jealous...

  • S

    the moment of "first blush" ahh... so beautiful and genuine. So lovely to see her shyness and her hunger and their connection.

  • T

    This is such a hot fantasy! And here's something weirder: what if my wife had a crush on a porn performer like Owen?

  • P

    Fantastic, perhaps the best done so far

  • G
    Golden Boy

    So sweet, so intense. Pure magic

  • R

    So genuine. That's the best part to me.

  • K

    Does this film have English subtitles? Nothing seems to show up when I hover over CC? I'd love to hear what they're saying!

  • P

    There is something so transformative about watching "porn" like this. I realize that as growing up as a millennial inundated by mainstream porn how I have never truly seen genuine authentic sex until I cam across this site. Films like these literally teach me what fulfilling mind-blowing sex could be like. Thank you so much. My only question is how is Owen able to nurture his marriage while doing this career? In my personal experience as a man, I get attached after having sex, and find it difficult to consider connecting with multiple woman without fear of "doing something wrong" or fear of falling for them too. His love seems so open, so free, yet trusting and grounded. How can I be like this too?

  • B

    For a long time I too have been so intrigued by Owen. He's not hot, but rather beautiful. It's a beauty that he brings into an encounter, and something that I long for. This captured everything that I imagine sex with Owen to be. It's so present, and it's about connection, and respect, and mutual pleasure. I'm so glad this video exists (and so jealous it's not with me ;) ).

  • L

    This was such a beautiful capture! Loved them both and how open they were with each other at the end of the film. Owen is my new fav! So kind and loving.

    • L
      Erika Lust

      Cintia is a fantastic human being, we love her. Their chemistry is palpable! One of my faves.

    • L
      cintia shapiro

      Thank you so much! There was chemistry and passion and I'm grateful all f you feel it :) Hope to work with him again soon!

  • I

    Is this still porn? (or maybe it is what porn should be?) This movie may be the most beautiful filmed sexual encounter I've ever seen. So simple, pure, moving. I cried! Thank you so much.

    • I
      cintia shapiro

      Thank you sooo much. I flattered by your words. It was really special, I worked with a person I have a connection with, so I suppose It's what turns the movie into moving :)

  • K

    The fun, shy, nervousness of it all reminded me of my first time! This is what all porn should be. Absolutely beautiful! Xx

  • D

    Wow..it's absolutely beautiful! This is not "porn"... this is the art of lust! Love it!!

  • K
    OH MY GOSH! Insane! I felt shivers and was squealing the whole time! Super brave and admirable for you 2 (you all) to take a chance on such a novel idea and come at it with so much warmth and good vibes. Thanks.
  • H
    I would seriously lose my mind if I had a chance with him, he’s my top favorite. Everything about him just lights a fire inside of me.
  • V
    Wow! To me this was not porn, rather a beautiful capture of primal human desire. This is how filmed sexual encounters should be. Very well done. Cintia, you are a stunning, passionate woman! Owen, you are a beautiful, amazing man! It was an honor to see you both together. Thank you for sharing this incredible moment with us.
  • B
    I joined this site after deciding I needed to see some positive sexual experiences, as mine so far had only been negative and left me mostly experiencing panic attacks or deep shame anytime any sexual was ever mentioned or insinuated. Mostly during kissing, no matter how much I was attracted to the individual i was kissing, I felt the need to run. Any flirting would make me want to puke. Even imaging myself having sex would repulse me and make me feel so gross and unattractive. I just had this barrier and wouldn't let my mind go there. Made me feel scared and suffocated at the thought of it.
    But for the first time, at 28 years old, I have seen positive sexual experiences and interactions that are intimate, sweet, safe, consensual, reciprocal and compassionate. It's opened my eyes and I feel so differently about sex now. It has a potential to be such a beautiful thing. I'd never seen that before. The way I view sex has probably been forever changed. Thank you.
  • E
    I love you Erika Lust and all that you do. THIS is porn. THIS is sex. THIS is love. THIS is real. THIS is life.
  • J
    Just another Owen fangirl over here. This was lovely, seeing as how I wouldn't mind being offered the same opportunity as Cintia! Thank you for making such wonderful films.
  • H
    Like a lovestory.
  • K
    This has got to be the sweetest thing I ever saw. The connection and chemistry between is palpable.
  • A
    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Just real, pure emotion and connection between humans. Thank you so much Erika, for making this happen ! It is needed.

    Also, I wish I was Cintia haha. You guys were perfect together !

    All the best and thank you
  • C
    Love it. Bravo para Cintia por aventarse a cumplir sus fantasías y a Erika por su excelente producción. Comparto la obsesión por Owen Gray y su trabajo, quedé fascinada.
  • I
    Geez...... This man!!!! Extremely difficult not to be obsessed with him <3
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