From the XConfessions series: the longest, most intense blow job imaginable.




Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Alexa & Joel Tomás

She is adorable, she is the girl of my dreams. We are having the best sex of my life, and I hope hers too :) BUT (why there's always have to be a BUT) she is not into oral sex.

Of course you get obsessed with what you can't have.

And here comes my problem: every night for the past six months I can't shake this dream, or should I say nightmare?

It's a LONG dream about a really mind blowing, slow motion, perfect, never-ending blowjob.


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

The most beautiful blowjob in slow motion... Would that look as good as it sounds? For this film, I summoned Alexa and Joel Tomas up: beautiful mouth, beautiful cock, eyes full of complicity, caresses full of love. The result is a succulent film, with tons of macro shots to watch oral sex as close as we've never done before. Your nightmare has been my lucky technical challenge.

Your Comments

  • HarmonyKorine


  • godivan


  • BeeBoob

    uuuuuh I love Blowjobs!

  • Francesca

    Oh my god. I wanna give a blowjob right now. Btw, the music is so cool :-)

  • clava

    cool effects!

  • tonydecatur

    One of the hottest short films ever! Fantastic!

  • Fabio

    I Wanna give a blow job right now...I like it so much..?

  • danceyourselfclean

    7 years with the same woman. 2 sloppy drunken "attempts" at blow jobs, but that's it. I know your pain.

    • Newbi

      Did you try to tell her straight away about your desire?

  • ericka918

    I love to give blow makes ME cum!

  • Robertnagiel

    A cinematic achievement!

  • agfcds

    your's a big world

  • Jeannie_HW4

    Oh my god, that was so hot. A good blowjob is my favorite this to do with a guy. I always cum.

  • meatnordrink

    Fascinating video. I feel like Erika/Ms. Lust? thought, "How I can I make a blow job video I'm ok with?" You did a lovely job. (Ha! Pun. [I feel like I have to make it explicit, since you're Scandinavian])

  • Likestowatch41
    incredibly well done. Super sexy and great mix of sounds and effects