If the Apocalypse Comes, Fuck Me

Maria Riot is lost and thirsty in an apocalyptical world. Luke seems to be the only man alive. Directed by Erika Lust for XConfessions.




Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Maria Riot, Luke Hotrod

Year 2180. I haven't seen anyone for ages. I'm about to die, I'm so fucking thirsty, clean water is the most difficult thing to find. I'm also hungry and horny. And there he is, my first human contact in years, He's organized, he seems to be well fed, and he is attractive. He has a nice camp. I'm going to seduce that man, and then, we'll see... This is the new role play we are preparing for this summer, it's going to be a blast. Shoot it Erika!


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

The power of role play during this short was intoxicating. Set against a sunset backdrop, this intense apocalyptic sequence sees Maria Riot and Luke Hotrod fight for their lives. Having chased the final magic hours of the day, it was very arousing to watch these two devour each other in pure animalistic sex!

Your Comments

  • m.phillips74

    I really love this short film... I like how they fight, caress, make love and wild sex. I like lights. And I love to see their real spasms... They're touching. My preferred one!

  • Sailorfat

    This Film is fantastic. So many different erotic elements.

  • Newbi

    the straw bales do not really fit the post apocalyptic fantasy ;-)

  • virginiabitch

    this is amazing wow

    • Erika Lust

      <3 Maria Riot is such a badass

  • meatnordrink

    Wow, she is so hot. Super possessed of her sexuality. It was really nice that you let a few parts in where they got a touch rough - they felt like authentic expressions of lust.

    A really lovely film. I take as a mark of the lovely film-making that, even after I've...finished...I keep watching.

  • meatnordrink

    Also, ps - loved the little outtake at the beginning. :)

  • emccc
    Dream setting for sex <3 adding to my to do list
  • Diva Sensuelle
    Whew! This was so fun and intense. The editing gave me a surprise - for a second there I thought the movie was over! The beginning was funny, with the wink to character play, the wrestling and the organ music! I enjoy watching Luke Hotrod, his talk, his sounds, him sweating and getting red in the face. Very hot. And so beautiful to see Maria Riot really let go... Put a smile on my face and my pussy!
  • Naomi3
    I simply love Maria Riot! Wow! She is so sexy and empowered. Love to see them together!
  • vulvarebel
    Maria Riot is a my new fantasy woman. Such a goddess. Their chemistry is insane.
  • KermetKween
    Loved this film. The performers chemistry is so real. Maria Riot is a babe. I love the humor and playfulness, and how they seem to really be in a relationship.