A Lethal Femme Fatale

When detective Max wakes up, she's holding a gun. What is going to do with him?



By missd

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Max Deeds, Zoe Davis

Erika, I’m a fan of CINEMA NOIR and a sucker for artsy erotica, I can’t resist to ask for a film with a Femme Fatale and a Detective. Maybe it’s a cliché but it’s my deepest kink. Please make a film for me.

“femme fatale as a dame with a past, a spider woman, and the detective as a hero with no future, caught in her web of intrigues. The only way out for the detective is to suppress the sexual desire for the woman and hold strong to his professional code. The femme fatale’s desire for more and for better is deadly and dangerous for those who succumb to her lure, but the detective’s desire for truth can be fatal for the dark lady too.”

Text by Veronika Pituková, more here theartsjournal.org/index.php/site/article/view/3/3


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

Shooting a story from the 20s, in a bar that's actually a real speakeasy bar, with two amazing new performers. So cinematic! The script has this dizziness feeling mixing expectance and erotica. This was a dream coming to life!

Your Comments

  • tristate

    Had to pull up Jimmie Rogers ballad of "Frankie & Johnny", circa 1929. Hadn't seen something this hot that leaves you so cold.

  • mel_b

    Ah, great. I just LOVE her eating that sandwich at the end too. What a great touch.

  • ZoeDavis

    Thanks Mel B here Zoé thanks for your comment. Was a really cool and amazing scene to make with Max, love the way Erika works so much. Big kiss, Zoe

  • Newbi

    Aweesome tribute to cinema noir and fantastic capturing of this special bleak and hopeless but raunchy atmosphere on film (loved that trumpet player). Did you think about shooting this completely in black and white? With still erotic photography I usually find black and white shooting much more asthetically and artful. Just compare the color fotos above with the black an white ones. Especially those playing with light and contrast are spectacular. I have been wondering why virtually no porn movies are shot in black and white (well, one reason may be that so few porn directors want to produce art ;-)).

    Just imagine something like this black and white sex scene from "Sin City" to be more intimate and explicit (and less sexistic ;-) though there may be some irony in the portraying of the sexes in "Sin City" ) .... I am eagerly waiting for a black and white movie from you or your other regisseurs, Erika. This "Spectrophilia" film was a nice start but did not play with strong light contrasts too much. Maybe something set in bright sunlight and shade? A western like movie with high noon like encounters between the sexes (and the notoroius wind blown tumble weed plus the spectacular "high noon" harmonica tunes ;-)) .... Anyway, love the stuff you guys create here. Rally special and beautiful pieces of art!

  • TheUnlikely
    More Max please! :)