From the XConfessions series: How obsession with an ex-lover can torment the brain with erotic fantasies...



By melancholia

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Sicilia & Sean

She is gone, but I still want her. I want every inch of her beautiful body.

Her white velvet skin, the taste of her tongue, the smell of her hair, the way she fit into my arms, the ecstasy she gave me.

Three years later and I'm not over her, or the sex that we had. I've tried to move on with other people, but she's always on my mind.

I'm left with her home videos, which I watch more and more these days. I know I should stop, but I can't.

I miss you Anna.



Erika's Comment

Hey Melancholia, I feel your pain. Nearly everyone has a lost love from one time or another, and knows the feeling that you can't get that person out of your head. I've taken your Obsessed fantasy and turned it into a reality by shooting it here in Barcelona this winter, and I think you will love it. We used a big projector for the home videos you talked about, and it gives the whole film a dreamy feeling. Real life performing couple Sean and Sicilia play your star-crossed lovers.

Your Comments

  • Freya

    "Cure for an obsession: get another one." (quote by the writer Mason Cooley)

  • MillerFan

    Oh wow this is amazing, so sensual and sad and sexy at once

  • Alex

    Wow, the cinematography in this film is incredible.

  • JediMan
    what male model name ?
  • emccc
    This is incredible. It's art