Sit Down, Shut Up and Watch

From the XConfessions series: Could you watch another man have his way with your wife? See how hot it can be in this short.



By Sven7

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Amarna Miller, Mario D

I want to watch someone fuck my wife. I want to sit at the end of the bed in silence as she takes his dick in her mouth. I want to be quiet and detached. I will not say a word, I won’t even touch myself. I will watch my wife do things I have never seen her do before and make noises I have never heard and see a look in her eye that I have never seen before, but I will not say a word. This would be such an incredible turn on.


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

Several versions of this fantasy have been posted so far in this site. But this one has captured my attention, you are so specific and clear. Here you have my film, which we shot on the hottest day of summer, 2013.

Your Comments

  • like2watch

    I've always had similar fantasies. Some where they can see me, others where they can't.

  • ChaoticSerenity

    This is perfectly executed. The heartbeat sounds when there is a cut to the husband watching and the scene where the lovers open the condom package, then cuts to a blurry image of the sex before everything comes back into focus are genius.

  • Lycisca

    Um... I don't know wich rol I prefer.

  • buzzz

    The music in this film is awesome.

  • bicyclerbend

    Beautifully done. I especially like the display of genuine affection between the husband and wife as they share this most intimate of gifts.

  • socks45

    Great eye contact. Very sexy.

  • meatnordrink

    Wonderful take on such a classy fantasy. As often, I wish it was a touch longer; at times it feels like the actual sex gets skimmed over in favor of set-up and mood. It would be nice to be able to luxuriate in their physical enjoyment of each other.

  • wagendragon
    very well done. the scoring was awesomely sensitive