Tips n Tricks for Suckin' Dicks

Two YouTube stars talk us through oral sex in a hilarious manner.



By SexNerd

Director: Florence Barkway & Reed Amber

Performers: Parker Marx, Heidi Switch

The best thing about dicks and pussies is that they're all different. One dick likes careful teasing and then a gentle stroke, other dicks like a strong hard grip. Some vulvas like some licking and teasing in circles, some like it when you put your tongue inside and fuck it. Some clits get hard really easily and others are like a stubborn horse. I like all clits and all dicks. All vulvas and all assholes. I have this recurring dream, where there's this sex school. You go there to learn how to pleasure other people. They hire really sexy gorgeous men and women, who are all different races and different sizes, and who all like different things. There are teachers and they stand and watch you and grade you on your "job" and at the end you get a score. And if you don't get a high enough score you have to keep practicing on different dicks and vulvas until you pass. And when you pass, that's when you become the model, and all the new trainees have to practice on you.


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

Welcome back Florence and Reed! The women of ComeCurious Youtube Channel first featured as guest stars in my film Multiorgasmic Brunch - and now they're back Guest Directing! This is a fun, cheeky look at how to give really good oral sex - and hopefully next time, we'll get a cunnilingus one!

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  • PrincessGigi
    Gonna test out those tips tonight! :) Great video!
  • Ysabelle
    Heidi and Marx have such great chemistry. Loved it!!
  • Plumegen
    Thank you for this video of public interest ! Please tell us when Tips n Tricks For Lickin' Pussies will be available ! ;)