by Valentina_Zhivka

Director: Erika Lust
Production year: 2016
Film duration: 17:08
Comments by Erika Lust

Mixing tears & sex: something so common in our private lives, but rarely seen onscreen. Come check one of XC's more intense films, about a fetish that's a mystery on its own!

Se que es es un fetiche raro, pero entre las cosas que más me excitan está ver a un hombre llorar. Idealmente no por dolor físico, sino por emociones fuertes, como tristeza o dolor emocional. Me gusta un hombre muy masculino, alto, grande, fuerte, pero sensible, de lágrima fácil. Me entran unas ganas imparables de abrazarle, consolarle, besarle, y finalmente follarle...

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  1. Humanoid-bonobo says:

    I'm gonna go wild!

  2. stella.rossi says:


  3. dpublic says:

    I can't actually find it very weird any more, now that I saw it.
    It's not only about a tear fetish at all. It's about tears, because it's about consolation. It's about comforting (a great word rich of connotations). Very human, very common. A very different kind of caress than visualized sex usually does.

    Fuck. That's real art.
    Great joint of sex, visual art and cinema.

  4. ThatRecklessGirl says:

    What I wanted to do with my boyfriend. I'm gonna send this to him as an appetizer. X

  5. mivita says:

    This is so powerful and artistic. I love it

  6. Xbohoo says:

    Love the idea behind it. This is far more than porn

  7. mixedpeach says:

    this is more than porn exactly, it is a feeling

  8. Chung🖕🏻 says:

    It's my first time crying when they make LOVE🎨
    It soooo beautiful and amazing💓
    The best one ever! so touching

  9. Bounje says:

    Are there subtitles for this video download?

    • Erika Lust says:

      Contact my support team and we can provide subtitles for you! support@xconfessions.com

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