Boat-owner Jenny desperately needs to sell her boat and discovers that she is a much better sales woman than she thought.

Our newest member in the XC-directors-club, Terri Heart, enchants us with some real english charm in “Pirate Jenny Strikes Again”. Boat-owner Jenny, played by the fabulous Daisy Steel, desperately wants to sell her boat on the canal of the river thames. Lets just say luckily for her, and her prospective buyer Stirling Cooper, Jenny can be VERY convincing in times of need. As any real pirate would say: The rougher the seas, the smoother we...well fuck! Ahoy!

And sailors beware: If you do not like bloody surprises, you might want to keep your finger on the pause-button towards the end.

Cast & Crew

Director: Terri Heart

Performers: Daisy SteelStirling Cooper

Erika Lust Erika Lust