From the XConfessions series: A fox hunts for the rabbit, devouring her in all her beauty in the end.

This short film by Erika Lust is part of the ongoing project, XCONFESSIONS: where your sex confessions are chosen each month to be turned into a short film by the award-winning erotic film director. This short features handmade fetish masks by Cecilia Lundqvist, and real-life performing couple Alexa and Joel Tomas, as they indulge in a beautifully sinister game of predator and prey: "My girlfriend and I have a sex game: we like to pretend we’re animals. We have costumes and masks, we wear our identities and play. Sometimes I will chase her when I am the wolf and she is the bunny. When I catch her, I stroke her soft fur over and over."

Erika Lust Erika Lust