I'm a Verry Badx Secvetary

by MagsLee

Director: Erika Lust
Production year: 2013
Film duration: 12:34

This is a confession by Tom. I'm typing while he is dictating, because I am his secretary for the night. I'm lying with my laptop in front of me.

Tom is pulling down my panties.

Now he is putting his hand between my thighs. Tom is warning me not to make any typing errors, or he will squeez my right niple or bite me somewher in my bodey really hard. I am having some difficvlty typing because I am starting to feel horny ans wet. Soom any errors ooh

Tom is rybbung my pussy

He has teo fingers in my cunty righjt now he's whispring in my ear

I am twitching ohhhhfgodf

I wAnt to take grab hus cock but i jave tp type

Tom s taken his coick out and hes rubbinh rr it over mu ass whule he fingre fucks me. Tom is tearig opehn a condom wrapp

Noiw his cock is up agianst mypussy. The hwead s pressingg against my cuynt. a i can feel hiom working hijmself into me. Tom is annoy;ed at al the spoelling mistajkes i am making. I ama veryy badx secvretary

Hi eis treasing mew ith is cock. ehile je makes me type all of thisa.

I havrsss to stoppp writrgtting noiw dsajfhd jkf ,nv

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  1. Ada67 says:

    I can't wait to see this film!!

  2. Goxoa says:

    Buenísimo, muchas gracias!!

    Sensual, cachondo y cómico, en definitiva fascinante!!

  3. eugeniomi says:

    she has to type everything that he has to get to her

  4. chang8 says:

    love Miriam's breasts

  5. meatnordrink says:

    A lovely film! A really beautiful blow job - she is just entirely SO sexy.

  6. Sweetpineapple says:

    LOved loVed LoveD!!! Filmed so beautifully and erotic. One of my favorites!!

  7. mhkl777 says:

    They are both so beautiful.

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