Beba is not a victim of anything, least of all of her own choices. Beba knows exactly what she's doing and she is loving it. 

Lidia Ravviso continues to re-write the narrative of sex workers in romantic Italian movies from the 70s and 80s with this new erotic short film. Magena Yama plays Beba, an independent and wise woman who consciously taps into the overly simplistic stereotypes about sex workers. She deliberately chooses to imitate these ignorant stereotypes by wearing the symbolic red shoes, the short dress, and by painting her lips a deep shade of red. Through Beba, Ravviso rejects the view that sex workers are always stigmatized or victimized by showing a woman who is working with free agency, due to her own desire and pleasure. Eros Braciola, plays the stereotypical male pimp with the plan of maintaining control of the situation and most likely tricking Beba into sleeping with him for free. Rather than being manipulated by Braciola’s character, Beba knows exactly what she is doing and holds full control over her actions. Beba is sexy, seductive, and a powerful character that displays these characteristics throughout the entirety of the film. Her charisma and dominance shine throughout every part of her steamy sexual encounter with Braciola.

Cast & Crew

Director: Lidia Ravviso

Photographer: Giuseppe Zizza

Performers: Magena YamaEros Braciola

Erika Lust Erika Lust