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From the XConfessions series: Sometimes you find the most thrilling encounters where you least expect.



By kriehl

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Mickey Mod, Maria Agrado, Jowy & Eze

We live very near a famous climbing rock here in central Oregon. There are many climbing paths and some nice hiking routes among the rocks. You easily can deviate from the paths and have a little privacy but still be near the public. You can hear echos from all over the "HEADS" as rocks fall from a climber or two. The sounds are so clear you would think the climbers are watching you.

I start by blindfolding her... then the clothes come off. She is tied to larger rocks and teased. We can hear hikers only a few feet below us, but they can not see us. The teasing continues with lots of moans and a few yelps from being spanked. I suddenly looked up from some massaging when I noticed two hikers watching. I put my finger up to my lips to make sure they stayed quiet. I could tell they were intrigued and wanted to continue to watch. After a few minutes I waved them over and motioned to still not make a noise. I show them that they needed to touch her and explore her body with me.

As soon as more than my hands were touching her it was like a switch was turned on. She was floating in a mindless state. I was able to take her while 6 hands touched and explored her whole body, she screamed and came so loud that echos were heard by everyone in that canyon. I have a feeling people were looking for the source. The couple we never saw again and I'm sure they have a very exciting story to share with their friends as do we.


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

Sexy submission in the gorgeous outdoors! Maria and Mickey have such a natural chemistry, I adore them together. We have a cameo from two youtube stars too... sexy and funny!

Your Comments

  • 123Moondog

    That's how it should be done! More public sex, please!

  • WallE16

    My fantasy is to be touched in the caring, knowing way that Mickey Mod touches every partner he works with.

    • gottaluvthecacti
  • Jonadz

    Great, but didn't get on with the spooky music :(

  • jewgenika

    I couldn't help thinking: wow, that girl can last long! I would have come long ago...

  • Maxwell

    This is one of my favorites. There needs to be a part 2 to this that picks up where this scene left off!

  • Hexen

    This movie had all the elements that really turn me on. So erotic!!

  • Newbi

    I love the way you often arrange things so slightly over the top in a playfully ironic way;-). The first time the theatralic and impressive music started I experienced it to be totally akward and not fitting the tranquille nature and birds, but the more often it appeared in the movie the better it fit. Awesome filming!

  • julesmiau

    Well hello there, Hannah and Melanie :) <3
    Great video! He seems so compassionate. I would love to switch places with the girl ;) well done!

  • charlieqwerty

    Aaah the music is really not my thing, sounds like a thriller, but nevertheless.. film is goood

  • officesubmarine

    So agree there should be a part 2! Seeing her enjoying all that attention is too good.

  • madzuko
    The music was incredible, perfect timing. I would love to be in Maria's place !
  • dksa_couple
    me and my wife loved the setup. the spooky music was a little bit of a turn off, and as my wife said, it stopped just as it was getting interesting. make a sequel!
  • ToxicDiva
    Wow this is just sooo hot mmmh