Ink Is My Blood

The grace and art of love transposed into erotica



By thebibliophile

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Moth & Rust

My love was sent to me through time and space. He was bound to lay beside me before he breathed his first breath. Our love transcends ordinary reality and drags me to the deepest depths of profound intimacy. There is no present, no past, no future. There are our two bodies that upon uniting become not just flesh and blood but paper and ink, silk and feather, light and darkness. Never before have I see the grace and art of our love transposed into erotica, but I know that love, intimacy, raw passion and tenderness, pleasure and orgasm, all exist beyond the physical. I wish we could become ink ourselves, existing for all eternity within the pages of a book, immortal in our passion.



Erika's Comment

For Ink Is My Blood I collaborated with the incredible artist Apollonia Saintclair! The result is my first movie with animation effects. It was a new challenge but I am happy with the result. Real life couple Moth and Rust were the perfect cast to bring across Apollonia's mysterious touch and approach to love and erotic art.

Check out Apollonia's website! Her work is magical:

Your Comments

  • CherryPieCrisis
    The rotoscoping is a delight.
  • wagendragon
    Awesome. Thank you once again.
  • moxiedavid
    Erotically timeless, transcendent of the momentary, embodying passion with meditative reflection. Beautiful integration of spoken word, ink and paper, flesh and spirit.
    • Erika Lust
      I am really glad you liked it! :)
  • joaqim
  • Ninasonik
    El mejor film que he visto! realmente hermoso, lleno de arte, erotismo y sobre todo feminidad <3
  • saliva_Plath
    This looks awesome!!!
  • top_bass
    Cried and came... this is so beautiful. The kissing scene is so passionate. I love watching real couples <3
    • Erika Lust
      Working with real life couples is always an amazing experience!