Don't Touch the Art, Touch Me

Two strangers get naughty in an art gallery. Luckily for them the security guard does not mind, as long as they don't touch the art...



By VenusOfUrbino

Director: KARIS

Performers: Rooster , Daisy Steel, Heidi Switch

Oil paints. The smell, the texture. How they stay wet for so long after being placed on a canvas. Those oils that are squidgy, with a dry surface layer that you can push and a small amount of wet paint leaks out. Like pre-cum on the end of a cock.

I'm in a gallery. I know security is watching. I move as close as I can to the paint. The smell fills my nose. The texture. I want to touch it. I'm not allowed. Security would see. But I can touch you, handsome stranger. I'm sure Security wouldn't mind seeing that. As long as we don't fuck on the art.


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

Oh I LOVE this one! The artsy vibe, the thrill of the forbidden and Heidi as the naughty security guard..absolutely fantastic. It'll make you want to put on something sophisticated and head out to the nearest art gallery in town. But beware! If you get caught it's not my fault ;)

Your Comments

    Que hermosa película, y que hermosa mujer es Daisy por Dios, tan intensa, tan hembra, tan hermosa, como se compromete en su actuación, le hace brillar la pija a Rooster empapándosela con sus jugos íntimos, no finge ni actúa, simplemente se entrega al goce artístico. Felicitaciones a todos...
  • marice
    Fantastic video! So beautiful and intimate. After I came, I cried and then I had a good laugh. Just the release I needed. Thank you!
    • Erika Lust
      Yes! KARIS really made a great film with this one! I love the vibe and that it brings out emotions in you
  • Martin
    Heidi, you're the greates. I want more of you ! :-)
    • HeidiSwitch
      Keep your eyes peeled for my next film 'Heidi and the Dough Boys' coming out soon!
  • rencham
    Incredible. The chemistry between the two was amazing, this was everything I never knew I needed.
  • csa
    So moody, so smooth, so sublime.
  • Diva Sensuelle
    Mmmmmmmm... Coquin et d'une suavité! Bien aimé.
  • Mootard
    He is delicious
  • Laura23
    I love this song! Can you tell me where I can find?
    • Sabrina
      I love it too! But this song was composed for the film so it is not available elsewhere.
  • sweaterbandit
    SOOO GOOD. passionate and real.
  • Tatonka
    Real People.......thank you.
  • Morenaza
    increíble y creo que lo mas que me gusto fue la presencia de un tercero. una de las mejores escenas que han hecho. Bravo!
  • Estrellademar
    deliciosa... química, sexo, arte y buen gusto :)
  • pallidnight
    I love erotic art, I love this film!!! And yes that song is hot hehe