Blindfolded & having sex for the first time 

Maeva and Luca are two strangers who met through a dating app and she has a fantasy that she wants him to bring to life with her; when they meet for the first time he should be blindfolded. With a comment on the importance we give to physical appearances when meeting someone for the first time, this erotic movie explores discovering someone little by little, one sense at a time. 

How will sex with a stranger be when you are robbed of your sight, one of the senses we value most during sex? The fact that Luca can’t see his date increases the intensity of his desire and the experience with Maeva. Directed by Madame Ô and starring  Misungui Bordelle and Doryann Marguet, strap in for a seductive, sensory first date. 

Cast & Crew

Director: Madame Ô

Photographer: Anaïs Kugel

Performers: Doryann MarguetMisungui Bordelle

Erika Lust Erika Lust