Before the Guests Arrive

by MeetTheSmiths

Director: Erika Lust
Production year: 2014
Film duration: 05:27
Comments by Erika Lust

I have been wanting to shoot a quickie for a while now, and yours is perfect. It has all the elements: the 'fuck me now' urgency, the thrill of being caught, the race against time, and the naughty secret when the guests arrive. I read your confession, MEETTHESMITHS, and all I could think is "they can't be the only ones who do this!" ;) Enjoy this hot and heavy film with Amarna Miller and Kristopher Kudjoe based on your confession!

We love playing host. Every year we throw a dozen parties - birthdays, halloween, the oscars, independence day, hell even a solstice party with a bonfire.

But what the guests don't know is that we fuck just seconds before they arrive.

I'm not sure how the tradition started. He saw me in a cocktail dress and apron. I grabbed him by the tie. The thrill of cumming just as the doorbell rings!

Sometimes I wonder if anyone notices... If the room smells like sex, or they notice how flushed we are. No one says anything, so I guess they just put it down to last minute party prep...which it kind of is.

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  1. GoodService says:

    love this - i have played a similar game before (solo and with another person) ;)

  2. Anynomous says:

    I look incredible in this, if only I could row!

  3. dicksallday says:

    That fingering technique seems rough

  4. Alexie says:

    Good one Loved the theme

  5. Kaiser says:

    Next time, they can add some of their love to the food they about to offer...

  6. RickieGM says:

    Fan va bra!
    Bra foto, snygga skådisar, bra props och kläder och inga underlivsbilder!!! Väldigt sexigt, jag är imponerad. Jag har letat. Klart att det är en svensk kvinna som har gjort detta.
    Tio poäng!

  7. RickieGM says:

    Damn this is good!
    Good photo, hot actors, good props and styling and no gynecologist angles!!! Very sexy, I´m impressed. and I´ve been looking around. Of course It´s a Swedish woman who made this.
    Ten points!

  8. Victoriagun says:

    amazing, best porn i have ever seen

  9. Seperate1 says:

    Liked the girl a lot.

  10. c_eliz says:

    I can imagine ourselves! I like son much!

  11. sscott218 says:

    I love your work! that was just done so nicely

  12. sscott218 says:

    ya though the noises she was making in response to the fingering seemed a little unrealistic. But thats just in my experience. Still loved it though.

  13. ifyousayso says:

    My favourite movie so far. Cute but hot!

  14. heiyee says:

    this is just so cute and hot !
    super love the way that you capturing the condition/changing of the ingredients ;)

  15. bare28 says:

    And the aroma of fresh sex is so titillating for the guests too.

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