Rush of the Forbidden

From the XConfessions series: A sneaky rendezvous for a dose of sexy infidelity.



By damelo

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Clarke Kent, Samia Duarte

Hanging out by the campfire near the woods, everyone gets tired and goes to sleep, except me and him.

We talk very intensively and then decide to take a walk in the woods.

We come to a field with a small stream crossing, it will be morning soon and we can´t keep ourselves from chasing each other around, touching very little at first but in the end making love in a quarry pond at the end of the small stream.

Morning is coming and each of us returns alone to the fire place, that's still gleaming a little. We watch each other until my husband and his wife awake from their tents. Ever since that morning, we meet in "normal life" and enjoy touching without anyone seeing (supermarket, shops, a parking garage...).


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

We shot this confession in beautiful Penedés in the luscious forrest. It worked so well with this confession, which reminded me of A Weekend in the Garden of Eden. The forbidden lust, the secret, hidden away in the woods. I had to use Clarke Kent again, he suits the natural atmosphere so well! The idea that they are just hidden behind the foliage, but so exposed if someone should pass by, is incredibly sexy! Thank you! And enjoy...

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  • SAMMY.

    Oral sex in the forest!!!!