I Found Your Mother on Tinder


Director: Erika Lust
Production year: 2015
Film duration: 15:29
Comments by Erika Lust

Ever since I started with XConfessions I've wanted to shoot with a skillful, confident and very sexual mature woman. A 100% natural beauty. For the sake of diversity and also because I know many of my followers would like that! Then finally last October I found my performer for this film, right here in Barcelona! The veteran adult entertainer Zazel Paradise. For this film I also cast Kendo Ortiz, a newcomer from Madrid. They had lots of fun together shooting this explicit remembrance of Mrs. Robinson!

Oh, my god, how many times, during my early teenage years, I spent fantasizing about my friend Martin’s mother! While my mum is dowdy and boring, and wears ugly cardigans and sensible shoes, every time I went to visit Martin his mum would walk past. She looked like an empress. While at other kid’s places the house would be crowded with everyday objects, Martin’s home was always orderly and refined. I would go home after doing my homework with Martin and touch myself all night thinking about his mother. Then my father took a new job on the other side of the country and I had to change schools. Ten years went by, I went back to my hometown and, being single, I installed the Tinder app in my mobile

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  1. johnpeter says:

    amazing thank so much

  2. johnpeter says:

    May be it is first time that I have lust toward my mother especially if she become like a Zazel Paradise
    when she smoking with her black lingerie
    thank for this movie

  3. Erika Lust says:

    Wow! Amazing response to this film... I knew it! :)

  4. ThomasHardy says:

    Ohh wow- I love to see a mature sexy lovely woman having a good time - she really seems to like it immensely - even if I think the guy is a little to young...

  5. Cotelo says:

    Que Morbo!!!

  6. Sal81 says:

    I just made my subscription to this site and this is one of the best I watched...

  7. UsualSuspect says:

    Wow. She was amazing . . . .

  8. Lofty88 says:

    Wonderful! So nice to see a film that shows that sexuality and sensuality doesn't go away when you age!

  9. AV1632 says:

    Thank you! As a woman over 40 I appreciate this more than I can tell you.

    • Erika Lust says:

      Well I just turned 40! So, you're welcome :)

  10. bare28 says:

    In my opinion every young man and woman should have an introduction to REAL sex from a willing and helpful older person. Everyone would benefit.

  11. diMAN says:

    This one kicks ass! And it's sure enough not just my fantasy.

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