Birthday Surprise

by Ontoper

Director: Paulita Pappel
Production year: 2016
Film duration: 15:44
Comments by Erika Lust

Paulita's second Guest Directed film in XConfessions. Explosions on stage!

My biggest turn on is watching my girlfriend pole dance for me. She wears black thigh-high boots, tiny black panties and one of my shirts... I sit on the edge of my bed and watch. She encourages me to play with myself as she teases me with her amazing body and I watch as she makes herself wet for me. When she feels that I am close to coming she pushes her bum towards me and tells me to shoot my load all over her tiny black panties. So good...

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  1. janni says:

    I love this scenario, however, i would be turned on much more if my husband will invite to the "show" one or two of his friends, and when they are about to come the two or three of them will treat me together. Janni

  2. Seraphim says:

    That was brilliant. cinematography and femininity, fantastic.

  3. Karen Eliot says:

    I didn't see the high books? And the black thighs looked rather pink to me, but what do I know.

  4. Erika Lust says:

    Hi Karen! Thanks for your comment. Sorry you felt disappointed! The text you read is the confession, the original story, which is more of a fantasy and less of a script... it's normal that a few details change when transforming it into an actual film. I hope you still liked the result!

  5. Erika Lust says:

    Janni, love your idea. There's always time to adapt a fantasy.... ;)

  6. Robertnagiel says:

    Magnificent, in its simplicity!

  7. mel_b says:

    I loved everything about this. Poppy Cox is fabulous!

  8. RunningChris says:

    Fantastic! Very nicely done and Poppy Cox is just amazing <3

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