I Put a Pagan Spell on You

by spell_of_fire

Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Vex Ashley, Owen Gray
Production year: 2016
Film duration: 15:55
Comments by Erika Lust

A little mystique in XConfessions! A witch tale with fog, spell & some hot steamy sex. This is my will so let it be!

Gates of the Woods,
Powers of my mind,
let the sexual visions come forth,
happiness and bliss to find!

Goddess of The Forest, grant my request;
Goddess of the Forest, hear my plea.
Open the floodgates of desire in the man for whom my heart conspires;
let him feel the heat, oh Goddess, of my body warm and sweet.

I want you to want me, I want you too need me,
I want you too desire me, I want you too lust after me,
I want you too see that we were meant to be,
I want our desires meet,
I want lust to over flow in the body of yours,
In this night of passion only you can lust and desire me,
this is my will so let it be.

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  1. 9Stars9 says:

    Beautiful, love the colours and the fact that it's outdoors

  2. ignitelimelight says:

    This is one of the best I have seen. Not only is it hot as hell (being fucked after wearing a period corset is pretty fantastic), but I haven't cracked up this much in a long time, that ending was pretty dang golden.

  3. Gabbagobba says:

    Seriously, in love with these two. What a beautiful portrayal of love making. Exactly how I'd love to be with someone.

  4. Dwam says:


  5. artchic says:

    This delightful little tale is so lushly filmed.
    Vex's performance is heartfelt and the chemistry with the mysterious forest man is blazing.
    Love the humorous twist of plot!
    Keep up the fantastic work Erika and team.
    Loving my membership with you all.

  6. nk says:

    That ending! Omg! Haha.

    • Erika Lust says:

      lk77 Vex is so hilarious, right? Love her.

  7. StarCrystal says:

    The ending killed me I love the humour haha.

  8. Newbi says:

    First time i ever remember to have burst out into laughter watching a porn movie. That ending is totally hilarious! Such a (unintended?) tribute to the glorious Monty Python ;-). Maybe its the strong contrast between the intimate sex scene and the totally unexpected comedy which makes this such a great twist.

    • Erika Lust says:

      Vex Ashley is naturally hilarious, I think it's her British wit! They are good friends too so the atmosphere was super fun and relaxed :)

  9. Delilah147 says:

    I never thought that I would find myself cracking up at the end of a porn movie. It was the perfect ending.

  10. amandalocho says:

    that was a great ending lol

  11. JuneHolloway says:

    Absolutely loved this! The chemistry between Vex & Owen, the setting and gorgeous neutral colours were beautiful and wonderful to watch! I love seeing these actors perform together and the ending was perfect!

  12. scarfknitterman says:

    OMg hahaha spectacular all the way to the end xD

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