Touch Crimes

Imagine the most natural thing in the world, human contact, was suddenly forbidden... Would you be able to resist your desires?



By SciFiSally

Director: Sally Fenaux Barleycorn

Performers: Luna Corazón, Maximilian Gamberro

Those goosebumps along the skin, raised from the lightest touch. That's what I missed the most. I was living in Amsterdam, in a world, a time, different than yours. A world where humankind had become so desensitised to each other that they had become touch-phobic. An organised, impersonal, faceless, untouchable society set up to avoid all physical contact as a rule of proper behaviour to the point of making physical interaction illegal.

It was like touch deprivation. No caring, loving, true human touch. What I would do to feel a lover's breath on my neck, lips across the tiny hairs at the nape of my neck. What I wouldn't give to have fingers softly stroke my nipples and tongues tasting my sweat.

And when the moment finally came for skin to skin contact, how hard would I come?

Sally started on this journey towards XC with her first film Skinhearts, a beautiful exploration of touch and touch depravation in a futuristic world. When she applied to work with me, she confessed her own story, and it's become Touch Crimes, part 2 in the series. Watch Skinhearts below!


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

I love this short by the incredible Sally Fenaux Barleycorn. It's sci-fi porn meets Black Mirror, exploring deep human consciousness, lust and tacking societal issues. All with Sally's signature brilliance for light and composition! You're going to be blown away...

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  • jisatsu

    the download link seems to be wrong ... i wanted to download "touch crimes", not "noir & daryl" ... please fix this :)

  • g_and_g

    Hi, I think you have the wrong files up for this.

  • Erika Lust

    The problem has been resolved! Please try again :) x

  • HeidiSwitch


  • Omeeus

    Definitely my favorite movie among all Erika Lust's productions. I'm a 20-year-old woman and I just watched it twice, I found it amazing and so lovely, both actors are magnetic and beautiful, God and Goddess on earth. A masterpiece.

  • PsycheSpirit


  • BinaryStarBurst

    Yaaas! Luna Corazon is STUNNING.

  • pianaman

    I am so in love with Luna Corazon!

  • meatnordrink

    Beautiful as always.

  • o.lemp
    There are two things that really turn me on in this one: the first kiss and gambero's hair (and I don't even fucking know why. I think I just realized that have a bed hair kink or something like that). Sometimes I wanna be hornier than I actually am at the moment, so I come here and watch the first kiss again. Gambero's figure is a JOY to watch. And Luna..let's say I'm proud to be a brazilian because of Luna.
  • hexxia
    The performers are sooo hot and magnetic. The costumes are great; it's so sexy when they tear the fabric. Fantastic lighting too.
  • Redfoxy
    My first film at this website and it was absolutely amazing, so beautiful. I already feel like it was definitely worth the money to join!