Hello, Pool Boy

by thepoolboy

Director: Erika Lust
Performers: Maria Agrado, Ryan James
Guest Stars: Katie
Production year: 2014
Film duration: 15:50
Comments by Erika Lust

Wow... SUGGESTIVE! Is this a real story? Are you really "The pool boy"...? Making the most of the summer in Barcelona, I decided to shoot your confession on a small Mediterranean pool full of bougainvilleas. This film is the debut of Italian performer Maria Agrado, a brave yet sweet woman with a stunning classical beauty. Ryan James plays the sexy pool boy. We took advantage of the fact that they are both expert massagers and... wait, you'll see the result!

I'm the pool boy.

I leave my card in the windshields of the vehicles parked outside the supermarket.

I've just checked that it works for me.
Specially at a certain time of the day.
"I clean your pool. Easy going, good hearted, always horny. English spoken."
They do understand.
They do call me.
They open the door and play. They are clever.
I clean their pool.
Until they tell me to stop.

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  1. MariaAgrado says:

    I can't wait!!!:-)

  2. hellopoolboy says:

    I need more of Maria Agrado. She is an angel :)

  3. ringo29 says:

    Maria! sos hermosa!! muy sensual y exitante!

  4. Erika Lust says:

    Maria, you got a fan club here!

  5. Erika Lust says:

    Winter in Barcelona... Who wouldn't love a massage by the pool under the sun?

  6. Sourabh91 says:

    is this a movie? can i watch the full scene?

  7. MariaAgrado says:

    wow!!!! soy honorada!!un besito a todos

  8. neoleo2k says:

    Please we need more of you, you have the best ass in the world.

  9. akileus says:

    Maria looks amazing in this vid! hope we can see more of her...

  10. katyseyes says:

    Very nice... you can really see that women are making these wonderful aesthetical films. I wonder what "Maria" -or the part that she plays- will tell his husband, when he arrives at home. Or is she living alone in this house with that nice pool? I don´t think so. And her husband or boyfriend will notice by her admirable appearance that she had some real pleasure today ;-) I dream he will use it as stimulation and give her some pleasure again!.... Will she call the poolboy again? I think she should ;-)

  11. vale.it says:

    Amazing! I think this short film is a masterpiece!

  12. cha says:

    My first impression: This film could also be used as a kind of tutorial or instruction (of how to have sex that is joyful for both). In this respect I remember the words of Erika Lust in the video which I found at the website of Betty Dodson
    where Erika Lust talks about feminism and porn and that she wants to do something about sex education. So, this film, I think, could be seen in this educative way.
    Thank You for that.

    Besides: The aesthetics really seems human and not that stupid and artificial that you have in mainstream - some time ago I read in wikipedia that the Japanese (of course, be careful with "the" Japanese) would think of western porn as primitive, unauthentic and unintentionally funny (mostly right I think) - in Japan there is an erotic tradition coming from the shungas, see for example "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife" by Katsushika Hokusai.
    Crossing cultural borders I remember other parts of the world, in India I think, where we can find hindu-tempels - the Khajuraho group of monuments, a UNESCO World Heritage Site - that are full of depictions of sexual acts (which can also be taken as porn) - people in the (indian) medieval also seem to take interest in sexual depictions.
    Possible inspiration for a film ...

  13. PabloD says:

    What a refreshing change to usual porn. Very real and enjoyable, so much more fun to watch. Loved it.xx

  14. P.G says:

    I think feminist men and women can reach much higher plateaus of pleasure than that of other people. Well done for depicting it so well. It's so real, refreshing and educational.

  15. ifyousayso says:

    First film I've seen here and I'm speechless in the best meaning! Beautiful!

  16. peaches says:

    Beautifully filmed, however I think the lovely lady should have had chance to finish too.. Equality and all that

  17. Erika Lust says:

    Hey @gabriellaford, thanks for your feedback! I agree with you 100% on the "equality and all that" but you know, I try to make my movies as realistic as I can, I try really hard not to push a situation. So if the female orgasm doesn't happen, I don't show it! I believe there are no rules in sex: sometimes the guy comes, sometimes the girl comes, sometimes both, hardly none...

  18. Pazpaz says:

    So pure and so much respect to each other
    I wish all sex movies will be like that
    Good work !

  19. Noidad223 says:

    I found your website via a link on an article about ethical porn. Thank you for your commitment to producing safe, ethically committed pornography. I really enjoyed this film. Everything about it is beautiful: the lighting, the camera work and editing, the actors...so much to appreciate! The soundtrack was haunting and lovely. Thank you!

  20. Minxyforhoney says:

    I loved this video, very refreshing to see something so natural and graceful!

  21. teacake says:

    i love the music - no dialogue - just images. also that guy knows his way around a woman's body!

  22. dollup says:

    nice film! very natural and simple, but included all eliments already.

  23. Calista33 says:

    I think this one is my favorite so far!

  24. sabinekisses says:

    I love this film. The light, the actors, the sweet sex.

    However there's another pool boy scenario I've always fantasized about. The rich bored demanding housewife. Bejeweled, coiffed and impeccably manicured. Working on her tan. Gruffly asking the pool boy to "do her back". And boy does he! Something more along the lines of the attitude of the lovely actress in "I fucking Love Ikea."

    I love the idea of a rich powerful older woman commanding a situation but also getting her just desserts. Anyway. Maybe an idea for another pool situation.

    Love your films!


  25. Strawberrytatoo says:

    I had a bad day and ended up frustrated in my bed. I tried one video after another, but didn't manage to come at none...I was about to abandon until, I tried "hello pool boy". It is so calm, sensual and sincere, I was hypnotised by it...and managed to slowly and gradually jump to the roof! :).

    Thank you so much :)

  26. Ohino says:

    What a great piece of art. As many of you mention it here it is an instruction manual. But I would really appreciate if anyone can tell me the name of the music. Or it just made for this video.

  27. karlievintage says:

    This film reminds me of some of the most sensuous and giving partners I have been with. Thank you for making this!

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