Baby, it's cold outside... Who doesn't want to sleep with their ski instructor?

"Winter is my favourite season. I love everything about it.

Snowboarders and skiers, hot wine, fondue, chimneys…. everything is sexy in the mountains!

Boots and warm socks, helmets, wool caps, buffs, gloves and sunglasses. Tight ski outfits, girls with braids, sunburned smiling faces, penis shaped icicles. The heat under the warm clothes, the smell of sweat in the ski hire.

All the bars on the slopes, even a snowy foodtruck with champagne and oysters… winter at a ski resort is my paradise.

Red slopes, green slopes, black slopes, blue slopes. The ski-lifts where you are forced to sit next to a stranger, a hot stranger, those are some of my favourite things....

…. and by the way, let's not forget the exciting challenge of getting laid with a sexy ski instructor!!"

— By Poppy
Erika's comment

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, Silver white winters that melt into springs, These are a few of my favorite things... You can see why I loved this confession! It felt so light and fun, and that's exactly what I wanted to capture in the film. The joy of sex, the fun in flirtation.


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  • M

    Excelente film,muy intenso. Pensé que por la extraordinaria quimica a había entre los performers, y por la posición final en la que quedaron,ibamos a tener el tan demorado "creampie".....

  • M

    Really wonderful - one of the best yet. Their enthusiasm for each other is so palpable, and makes the sex so much more exciting.

  • L

    Thanks for your authentics films. We can feel the joy they can share to meet them.

  • C

    I love how he obviously adores her

  • K

    This is what I was seeking already for a long time and which is so hard to find: Real enthusiasm for each other with such intensity that makes you feel with them. It´s in their faces - absolutely purest pleasure combined with easyness and laughter, just joy to be with each other - could have watched this for hours. I would really love to see more of both or at least Anya.....many many thanks for your awesome films.

  • E

    Amazing film! Mountain huts with fireplace are always a dream place to enjoy your with you partner.

  • D

    Wow.. Absolutely a winner! It look real and natural, I didn't feel like I was watching adult film, it was more like watching a real lover passionate about each other, great cast (3 of them).

  • L
    Adorable! I love how they're passionate and playful.
  • M
    This film would have been 1 million times better for me, if it had consisted solely of the guy and the girl with dark hair...
  • C
    It's really hoootest film!
    No doubt.
  • D
    my favorite so far! i have loved watching them having sex, they're so passionate and loving... what a chemistry!
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