From the XConfessions series: Tiffany gets inspired by an erotic book on anal sex, and decides that it's time for sexual liberty.

"I believe in the power of books to change the world. I believe in the power of erotic literature.

Some time ago I thought sodomy was a thing that only men enjoyed. I invented all sorts of excuses not to have anal sex with my boyfriends, because I thought I'd feel humiliated and even ugly. Until I came across Toni Bentley's book The Surrender through an article in a newspaper.

I read a few free excerpts and felt instantly excited. It was like a revelation: that woman felt so powerful while having anal sex... So attractive... Why not... After all, that hole is, well, always around, and sometimes it seems weird to ignore its existence.

I waited until I met the right man, someone I could feel 100% comfortable with. Then, as the book puts it: His was first. In my ass. Now it has become a usual pleasure... and my great pride."

— By plug-me-in
Erika's comment

I'll tell you what I liked the most about this confession: her willingness to taste something different! She found out about something that'd turn her on and jumped entirely in it to explore whatever would feel good. Fun and inspiring! This idea, plus my two fantastic (and sensual!) performers Tiffany Doll and Jay Smooth, made for a memorable film. I can only hope it inspires you too!


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  • E

    good Girl

  • O

    another great benefit of reading

  • H

    Will buy the book

  • F

    I look forward to this more than the new Star Wars movie! :)

  • S

    bought the book. awesome read. equally excited for this video!

  • S

    Beautiful tribute to the erotic power of the book and film. I love being seduced by both. Thanks Plug Me In and Erika. The film suggests why my wife and I enjoy saving anal for our most intimate--and intense--sex.

  • H

    Goddamn, I love Jay Smooth...

  • H

    Just love anal..loved this..

  • F

    Wow, inspiring :-)
    What's the pink toy they're using? Looks perfect to play around with.

  • L

    This reminds me that I haven't had anal in a long time...and how I need it.

  • E
    Erika Lust

    Francesca! You're right, the toy is perfect to play around with! You can see it here:

  • S
    some guy

    give me a ring..

  • R

    A most beautiful & instructive presentation!

  • K

    I agree.

  • B

    Amazing collaboration once again!=)

  • M

    Glorioso sexo anal, la delicadeza y devoción con que la penetra es muy poética, pese a lo brutal del evento...

  • P

    This is a beautiful scene. Such tenderness, so hot!

  • T
    Slow and Deep - leaving a good feeling....
  • V
    Absolutely lovely. Very intimate, beautiful and damned erotic!
  • P
    Beautifully done
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