From the XConfessions series: Luna Corazón will expose herself entirely for this show - only to dress herself again once it's all over.




Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Luna Corazón, Tyler Nixon

He was just a regular guy. Beautifully blonde, Colgate-white teeth, harmless smile. Made to match a harmless girl. Regular guys go to peep shows more often than regular girls, undoubtedly. So there was nothing strange when on his first night in Barcelona and still waiting for some friends to join him in the city, he entered a peep show in a small alley near the Ramblas. He got into one of the empty cabins. Put a token into the slot and waited, anticipating the regular show, or at least the regular showgirl. That peep show didn't look classy, neither he expected it. At first she seemed absent. Like a marionette in a tuxedo. Then the music began. He had never seen anything more mesmerizing than that androgynous girl slowly removing her manly clothes and underwear. Three more coins went down the slot before the girl removed her last garment: a mustache. Then, finally, she looked at him straight in the eyes. Her hand slowly slipped down her belly to her pubis... He reached out his hand to the box of paper handkerchiefs, and as her image disappeared he realized he had just run out of coins.


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

One of my favorites! This confession spoke right to my heart: it was beautiful, it was powerful and it was so full of lust. A regular peep show, an androgynous girl, a few coins... I loved turning this into a script, and loved to have the opportunity of working with beautiful Luna Corazon! Tyler Nixon and her really brought life to this amazing mysterious encounter of a guy who enjoys watching and a girl who enjoyes being watched. And then there's the twist!

Your Comments

  • katana217

    What a Twist!

  • rulzd5nd

    I loved the twist at the end. She was sexy.

  • mivita

    There are few things I love more than watching a sexy man's erection grow as he becomes more and more aroused :) especially if he just can't help but get more and more turned on

  • Robertnagiel

    Dear Eryka,
    Permit me to opine that Luna is your most beautiful performer!

  • socks45

    the hottest moment is when she commands him by pointing. Love it!

  • sb900

    Luna exudes sexiness with little or no efforts.