What happens in Las Negras

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anchor7

we are a married couple with kids and still we keep enjoying a couple of trips by our own. One of favorites, scape to Cabo de Gata south of Spain. The second you get there stress goes away. It was our second day enjoying of pacefull beaches, most of the time naked, our favorite books, great food and wine, long walks and drinks in the sunset. That night we booked table in our favorite restaurant in Las Negras, more wine, intimate talks , extra care of the weitress (in his early 30s and good looking) specially to my wife... we were about to leave (they were already closing) when the weitress suggested to join for drinks in a close pub, i saw the desire in my wife eyes so then is when i kissed her and said 'what happens in Las Negras stay in Las Negras' its your night, you deserve a treat so i let her decide what to do while i was heading our hotel. Few minutes later, my wife came to the room, not alone, and after a kiss she asked, 'what happens in Las Negras, do you dare?' and when i said yas she started kissing our guest, at the same time i started to undress her and kiss her neck, back, butt and took her panties of... se was wet already. she turned around to kiss and undress me while he penetrated her from behind.. she moaned. she took us to bed and star sucking me while pounded from behind, didn't take long until she cum. Few minutes of kissing and lick her in turns so she was ready again to take me inside while she sucked his cock. i cum almost instantly. then she rode him till both cum. then a shower and good bye kiss to our guest. next day we spent the whole day in a quiet beach, kissing and remembring the las night.