What could have been

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Leigh

Both my colleague and I have been married to our partners for over 15 years but during a recent company holiday party, I met her spouse for the first time. There was instant chemistry between us. Undeniable attraction. That night, as I’m drifting to sleep, I imagine what could’ve been. In my fantasy, we’d spend the evening exchanging glances from across the room, occasionally locking eyes for way too long, risking getting discovered. Finally we’re standing in such close proximity, back to back, we’re all but touching each other. I imagine his fingertips gently gliding against my ass and immediately desire his embrace. He can feel my reaction as I press my body against his momentarily, hinting for him to find me soon. I’d quietly inform my husband to excuse me for a bathroom break, just loud enough to be heard by “him.” He doesn’t make me wait long before he’d discover me, hot, wanting him, my desire unbearable. He is gentle at first. He knows every sweet spot and ignites a fire in me I never knew existed. I return the favor and give him the best blowjob of his life before he finishes us both off by thrusting deep into me with my leg over his hip and my back against the wall. We’d come hard together as he continues to kiss me passionately. I fall asleep fully satisfied after pleasuring myself with the fantasy of him.