Videogaming husband

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Gry

This is a short story which a lot of gaps to fill. But I would like to share it anyway.

So in real life I have a husband which games a lot, like really a lot. Since he is really great with doing house shores and cooking dinner and taking care of our home etc. I feel like I really cant explain about his hobby. But still I find this hobby of his extremely boring and I cant relate to videogaming being this important to someone. So therefore in my mind I fantasize about things happening to me while he plays his games.

So this fantasy basically is about me having sex with another man in the room next to where my husband plays videogames. Without him noticing it since he hears nothing with his headphones on.

So I fantasize about this man seeing my husband gaming and feeling" that this is such a waste". -I must fuck her" -her husband still wont notice. So in my fantasy he is really giving me all the attention which I crave. The kisses are sweet , tender and the sex is slow, natural and very calm since we have to be just a tad more careful not being heard. Which makes it even more great. The fantasy ends with both of us having a orgasm without doing so much noise. Then we kiss goodbye, he leaves, I take a shower and from the shower I walk past my husband, who still does not know a thing. And to be honest, is not really that interested either in the world outside of his games.