A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fermina

I wake up feeling parched and depleted, craving something sweet and refreshing to restore me after a long night of fucking. I turn in bed to look at him and he is still lost to the world in his dreams.

In his kitchen I find melons and citrus on the counter and my mouth starts salivating. I take out a cutting board and knife and slice into the fruit, feeling the hard rind and soft flesh give way to the knife and the slight sucking as the blade is pulled out. As I cut into the fruit I hear his steps. He comes to stand behind me, resting his hands on my shoulders and pushing the length of his ready, hard cock against the small of my back. He rubs it against me as his arms come around me and his fingers begin to trace my nipples through my shirt. I sigh and push back into him when he bites my neck but otherwise ignore him and continue cutting. He puts his hand on mine and removes the knife from my fingers, placing it off to the side. His hand grasps the back of my neck and he pushes me down against the countertop. My cheek rests against the cool marble and my breasts are pushed into the wet ripeness of the melon I’ve been slicing, pressing out the juice and releasing a sweet, musky scent that makes my mouth water and ache for the liquid that pools under me.

From my vantage I see him retrieve a half orange from the cutting board and feel the juice squeezed out on my back as the sharp tang hits my nose simultaneously. The soft wetness of his tongue slides against my skin, lapping up the juice in rapid, broad strokes over my back and down my sides. He keeps holding me down with one hand on my neck while he uses the other to roughly pull down my panties. As he does this I’m pulled back so that my face is just above the melon and I finally get a taste, dipping my tongue down to the bruised wet fruit while his cock presses against my own wetness and into it. I gasp and lean into the melon with my forearms to balance my self as he thrusts deep inside.

The combined weight of us and the movement of him inside me smashes the fruit into pulp and juice under me. He pulls me off his cock, turning me around and lifts me onto the counter so that my ass is in the mess we’ve made. He kneels and starts to rhythmically lick my pussy up and down, lapping up the remnants of the fruit from the board and continuing up the length of my lips to my clit and back down again, feasting on the mingled juices. When he senses I’m about to cum he stands and pushes his cock back into me, grabbing my ass and moving me up and down on it. I’m so soaked I can’t tell what is from me and what is from the fruit, feeling only a slick and sticky sliding coolness under me as I start to climax. As I do I feel his cock swell and tense against my g-spot, pushing me over the edge when he ejaculates inside me. He slumps against me and I feel our combined cum start leaking out of me onto the destroyed fruit. He picks me up and carries me to the shower to wash off the morning’s beautiful mess.