The empty movie theater

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mimosa

I’m going through a period in my life when I’m not sure if I want to date anybody. I’ve met this guy online he works in film. We talked a lot about our favorite films and directors and we ended up having hot sex over the voice memos. He gave me his phone number and I was hesitant to reach out. He is 15 years older than me and seems like he’s had a lot of experience. Monday evening I went to see the Northman at a local movie theater. When I booked my ticket online I noticed that I was the only person in the theater. It was a late show. So I had a crazy idea. What if I invite him over to the empty theater. It would be our first date in the dark. I was there when he arrived. Sitting in the dark. He took the seat next to me. We didn’t exchange a word. He was looking at me trying to see me for the first time. Then he took a sip of my drink, reached out and kissed me so I could drink from his mouth. At this point a couple of male friends came into the theater and walked past us to take their seats at the top row. Then three more men walked in and took their seats. So it was me and 6 strangers in the dark. One of them exploring my body with his hands in silence as I was pretending to watch the movie and trying not to moan too loudly. And other strangers in the audience watching the film or watching us?