The Chef

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tindrella

He works at a nudist holiday club where I work as a windsurf instructor. We meet at the beach and he invites me to his restaurant for a free meal. Between entree and main I go see him in the kitchen. I see how he slides his hands over a firm aubergine, a sexy touch, before slicing it .I admire his sun tanned bum from the back of his apron while he makes me taste the sabayon he is whisking. He tells me to meet him back there in the early morning to go to the market together. When I arrive there we start kissing, he lifts me on the inox kitchen work table and soon after we're having sex. Then we go to the market where he goes to chose his fresh produce. My fantasy goes wild. I start to touch and feel the various vegetables in the same way he did. He watches me, nods affirming and tells me to chose some nice smooth items. His eyes reveil what he's fantasising and it excites me. Back at his home we put them in the fridge. He goes to work and I will meet him for a siesta after. It is hot and sticky in the room when I hear the jeep pulling up. He comes in, blindfolds me and I hear him getting things out of the fridge. What is he up to? Then he pulls the sheets off me and I feel an ice cube on my nipple, sliding over my tummy down to where I am already hot and wet. Then he disappears again, I hear the peeler scraping something away and smell a faint fresh smell. Steps get closer and I feel a cold smooth long thing sliding along my arms, my stomach, my breasts, then down to my groin gently rubbing between my lips. The cucumber !!!! Slowly and gently he rubs the top against my clitoris then inserts it ever so slowly into my vagina. It feels nice, smooth, cold, hard and goes faster and faster until I come. He kisses me and tells me there is more as I hear him going to the kitchen again. When he comes back I hear a pshhh and then feel whipped cream being sprayed on my nipples which he eagerly licks. Then in my belly button, then down below my lips are covered in cream and he indulges in it as licking a creamy oyster. I come again, he removes the blindfold, puts cream on his penis tip. I eagerly lick it, suck it ... Then he puts the blindfold on again. What next??? He comes back, kisses me and as his lips are on mine a grape pops in between my lips in my mouth.. Very refreshing. The start of the menu.

He does it a couple of times, then goes back to get something else out of the fridge. I remember the aubergine... it is quite big, firm, smooth.... No not that... It's too big !!!! I'm excited and a bit scared at the same time. I recognise it as he pushed my legs apart and gently slides it along the insides of my legs, then ever higher up... until he gently pushes it in and I come. Then he sits on top of me, removes my blindfold and slowly rubs coconut oil on his penis until he comes. I slowly make circles with my finger tips through his cream that is covering my body, lick it and taste it like a sabayon aficionado. I love his menus.