The cake - lover

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dione

A few days ago, I was out to buy myself a cake at my favorite cake shop. I entered, but no one was there, so I waited for a few moments at the counter looking around, trying to figure out if I could get someone to help me. After a few moments I heard some commotion at the back of the store, and a woman came out fixing her hair and dress. She was quite shy and reserved and seemed a bit embarrassed. We discussed what I wanted, and finally bought a cake. Home, when I opened it, I could feel something strange, powerful and arousing like a glow coming off of the cake. First, I just dipped a finger through the silky glaze and then tasted it. Goosebumps of pleasure. This time, I dipped my whole palm. Now I lay here with cake smeared all over my body, after frantically masturbating to the realisation that while I was discussing with the woman at the counter a delivery guy slipped out, almost unnoticed, from the back of the store.