That's what friends are for

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sayamilky

I met Yumi many years ago and are really close friends. Close to enough that we have come close to having sex but never really done it as we both were happily married to our partners. Then one weekend, it all exploded. We went on a conference together where we both were presenters. Then after the first day we started talking about life and we confessed to each other that we were both on dry spells and also about how we were so close that it should be fun to do something we havent done together. We also confessed that it was something both of us had dreamt about and we decided to make our fantasy a reality. We decided to start off in the rooms private hot bath, something we have shared countless times but never gotten physical before. This time, she told me she wanted to do something she had always wanted and that was to handle my hard-on. She said that mine was bigger and looked harder than her husbands. Me on the other hand, had always wanted to suck on her wondrous C cup breasts and nipples that always seemed nice and full whenever i see them. Yumi grabbed my shaft and immediately started stroking it from top to bottom, whilst I fondled her breasts and nipples. I put a finger on her pussy and felt her groan and gyrate on it. We both knew we ready for it. She pushed me down on the bath side floor and sat down straight on my cock. We both groaned and felt pleasure never felt before. The next 10 mins felt like heaven as we both gyrated and thrust each other to climax. We then moved to dry off and continued on the bed for the next 2 hours, exploring every single bit of our bodies and making each other cum over and over again. By the break of dawn, we both lay down sweaty and exhausted but sexually satisfied and spent, wondering how we would get thru the next 2 days of our conference. Let say we not only survived out conference but after a dozen orgasms each we both went home feeling soreness in places we have never felt before. We did make a promise that we would do this again but with more planning.