A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dione

I’m a spokesperson and I like the challenging aspect of this job when faced with the media. But there’s this guy, who takes this to another level. When I usually take questions, he just sits there watching me defiantly, leaving the easier questions to fizzle out and when that’s over, having a good sense of the tension in the room, he just drops questions that put me in a difficult situation, or as he knows, are hard to answer with a short answer. But like I said, I love a good fight, and I totally enjoy his sly smile under which he may hide some surprise and even admiration when I offer him an unexpected answer that puts him back into his place. In these moments it’s like the sea of journalists parts and we’re the only ones in the room. That’s how high the tension is after an exchange with him. We’re secretly seeing each other from time to time. We don’t talk about our work, but I can feel the tension that’s there. A tension that’s fueling this relationship. Like two predators which meet eyes while drinking from the same puddle, we both enjoy a good fuck. He never tells me what questions has in store for me because he likes my raw reaction to his provocation. See you in the next battle motherfucker.